Earnings at online auction Aukro without investment

Are you a resident of Ukraine and want to earn decent money on the Internet? You have a lot of different options.

New materials are constantly published on the Workion website, which details how to make money. Even if the service is located in Russia, you can easily use it.

If you want to work in Ukrnet, then you also have enough options, for example, earnings on the Internet auction Aukro without investments.

This is a fairly popular project, where you can not only find a lot of necessary things at a reasonable price, but also make money successfully. In this article we will look at how you can use the auction to earn money without investment.

Earnings at online auction Aukro without investment

How to make money on Aukro?

To begin with, thanks to this resource you can set to selling as many things as you don't need. Now among the lots you can find tablets, clothes, laptops, backpacks, furniture, toys and much more. Think about what you can offer to potential buyers.

If you do not have items for sale, you can re-resell. To do this, you need to find favorable prices in other online stores and become an intermediary. For example, visit the store, which presents a huge number of different products from China, at significantly reduced prices.

In the profile on TinyDeal, you can specify multiple addresses, so if someone buys your product on Aukro, you simply add its address and order delivery.

Everything is simple, and given the difference in prices, you will definitely find customers. It is better to choose expensive goods - phones, laptops and other equipment, since it is easier to install a surcharge on them.

Earnings at online auction Aukro without investment

Aukro Affiliate Program

This auction also has an affiliate program, under the terms of which you can receive 25 hryvnia for each attracted buyer . Registered by your affiliate link user must go through verification, otherwise there will be no payment.

Only citizens of Ukraine who are already registered at an online auction can participate in the Aukro affiliate program (). The presence of your site is not necessary, after registration, affiliate links are issued, and you can distribute them by any means. For example, you can add them on forums or on social networks.

When you have 100 hryvnas on your balance, a payment will be automatically made to a bank account. It is necessary to indicate your account, as well as submit the necessary documents.

In general, the conditions of the Aukro affiliate program are quite favorable, because many Ukrainians are not yet registered at this auction. If you can attract people here or engage in sales, be sure to register on the site and start earning serious money.

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