Earnings at low risk pyramids and hype

Not many people can believe that investing money on the Internet can be earned.

And this is not about opening a virtual business or creating a website, but about joining HYIPs and pyramids. To date, many such projects have been created, but not all of them can be used for making money.

Earnings on the pyramids and HYIPs are quite real, but you need to follow a number of rules. The most important of them is to look for projects that can really pay you money, and are not an outright scam.

Earnings at low risk pyramids and hype

Can I make money on the pyramids on the Internet?

I would like to say right away that all projects that promise 1000% per day - This frank scam. You need to be realistic and correctly evaluate the proposals, because to attract people, fraudsters can specify even much larger numbers.

Probably, there is no need to explain how the HYIPs and pyramids work, a financial scheme is developed in which the participants are depositors and there is an exchange of funds between them. Naturally, someone manages to make a profit, but someone does not, although ideally, such a structure should be so thoughtful as to bring profit to all.

HYIPs differ from pyramids only in that other people must be involved to participate in them. In the pyramids, this is also encouraged, but not a mandatory requirement.

Of the huge number of projects called pyramids, I would like to highlight an online game.

Earnings at low risk pyramids and hype

In fact, this is an ordinary pyramid, but it is disguised as a game. It is proposed to buy birds and collect eggs that can be sold. For attracting new users also pay money.

Full return on the birds occurs after 2 months, and the project already exists 240 days (8 months), therefore many users post screenshots of the payments. It is worth noting that the game has already registered over 300,000 participants.

Other game HYIPs for earnings (tested, workers)

Almost all economic games are pyramids, but their administration does not often mention this. In some of them it is generally impossible to withdraw money until you invite referrals. For their replenishment, payment points are calculated, without which no payment can be ordered:

Earnings at low risk pyramids and hype

It does not matter how much game currency is on the balance sheet, you can withdraw as much as your points. If there are no such restrictions, then the game will not last long. It must be some kind of source of replenishment of the reserve.

Despite some risks and pitfalls, with investment games I earn myself:

  1. - some cars bring passive income, some are needed to fulfill orders in the city . There are several methods to replenish the passenger account, but only on referrals you can score a lot of points.
  2. Earnings at low risk pyramids and hype

  3. - the game pyramid offers making money on tea bushes. There is even a welcome bonus of 100 rubles, but you definitely have to use the 5-level affiliate program.
  4. Earnings at low risk pyramids and hype

  5. - from bird farms, this is the most popular. Over 2. 5 million registrations, and total payments exceeded 28 million rubles. All you need to do is sell eggs from birds and attract referrals.
  6. Earnings at low risk pyramids and hype

  7. - beats all records in terms of payments. This game pyramid for earning money has already paid 880 million rubles. It bought different types of virtual business.
  8. - one of the few HYIPs, without necessarily attracting referrals. You can make a deposit of 5,000 rubles, and then referrals are given for free. Income comes from the sale of ore mined by gnomes.
  9. - start immediately with an invitation to referrals, without them there is nothing to withdraw. Part of the profits earned to buy robots, leave the rest to withdraw funds from the sale of energy.
  10. - you will be surprised how much this game differs from the rest. It has the most beautiful design, and the task of the players is to build their own city with different huts, manors and residences.
  11. Earnings at low risk pyramids and hype

  12. - a proven and stable game about birds. In it, users also buy feathered friends and collect eggs. There are points, but a 5-level affiliate program.
  13. Earnings at low risk pyramids and hype

  14. is an online game (the best HYIP for earnings), where all the same birds and eggs. There are no restrictions on payments, there are bonuses and on the first birds they are allowed to earn extra money through surfing.
  15. Earnings at low risk pyramids and hype

  16. - you can also earn money on viewing sites, plus various bonuses. The farm can be developed without investments, there are no points, but you need to make a deposit or work with surfing.
  17. Earnings at low risk pyramids and hype

  18. - a chicken farm without a welcome bonus, but with a reward of 250% for the replenishment of 1000 rubles. For replenishment referrals give 30%, only 1 level.
  19. - the old HYIP and the possibility of earning money on it through the orchard. You need to buy seedlings and sell the fruit.Nothing complicated, however, to withdraw money without points will not work.

These games are proven HYIPs, and so that you have no doubts left, I added payment screens. To use them or not, decide for yourself, it's risky, how many times I have already encountered the closure of such projects. These are stable, many work for several years, so it is better to use them.

5 simple rules for making money on HYIPs

Thousands of people have already entered the pyramids and some even withdraw money from them. This is not surprising, such projects really work, and payments are made to lure even more users. This needs to be understood, plus rely on basic tips from experienced investors in HYIPs:

  1. Risk assessment.

It must be carried out in order to find out whether it is worth registering at all on the HYPE. If the profitability is not high enough, and the project does not cause confidence, it is desirable to refrain from investments. Taking risks is only necessary if it is worth it.

  1. Starting capital.

When the budget for investing in pyramids is allocated, it must be remembered that at any time this amount can evaporate. Therefore, no loans, refusals of major expenses and loans. It is necessary to invest in any projects only with free money (which you can afford to lose).

  1. Withdrawal.

Almost all the pyramids offer to reinvest money. This can be done, but first you need to withdraw exactly as much as you contributed to the HYIP. You need to re-invest only the profit, and then it is better to do it if the project causes great confidence.

  1. Suspected scam.

The fact that the project will close soon becomes clear long before that (in most cases). Technical problems, payment delays, permanent failures and much more. If you suspect that the HYIP will soon scaffold, without a doubt, bring everything to the penny (do not listen to the organizers).

  1. Balance replenishment.

Deposit money into a HYIP, preferably with bank cards. In this case, sometimes it is possible to achieve a refund on the application at the bank. Also check the conditions, most often withdraw funds to the account from which the deposit was made. For security, it is better to deposit money in different ways (it often happens that the closing hyip pays only to certain payment systems).

At HYIP, earnings are associated with risks, always remember that. Do not take serious risks if it is possible to return at least part of the investment, it is better to use it. Think a few times before throwing your money on an investment site.

Earnings at low risk pyramids and hype

Referral systems are also Internet pyramids?

There are quite a lot of similar projects, but if you are afraid to join them, but want to earn on attracting users, it is better to use referral affiliate programs. There can be no deception, and projects operating for 10-15 years will not be closed.

The bottom line is to attract people who will spend or make money , and from these amounts you will receive a small percentage.

Excellent conditions for such earnings are on Wmmail, where a 5-level referral system is provided. On this site, people can earn money by performing different tasks, as well as run all kinds of cheat. Referrals can also be attracted to content exchanges (Advego and Etxt), which are designed to earn money by selling articles for sites.

In addition to these projects, you can use affiliate programs of advertising networks, virtual stores, link exchanges, website promotion services, and many other resources. This is not a pyramid, there is no need to invest.

Earnings at low risk pyramids and hype

If earnings on financial pyramids are dangerous, then where to invest money?

Due to instability, earnings on hyip projects are not attractive . Yes, I use it, but I can not guarantee that any of the pyramids will not fall apart. Personally, I am not familiar with their organizers, and if you have doubts about such sites, then it is better to invest in investment projects. You don’t need to invite anyone to them, just investing money with interest:

  1. is an interesting project that helps users increase their money. A choice of several types of investments. The most popular is the accumulation of money for a specific purpose (for example, a car). You specify the required amount and calculate the daily replenishment. After collecting a large amount, the system finishes it with interest (their size depends on the period).
  2. is a serious Forex broker, real professionals make money with it. Invest is also offered in PAMM accounts, but there is another great way. You can copy transactions from experienced traders.For open trading, they receive dividends, and subscribers can put trading on the machine. There are many leaders, choose those whose charts steadily rush upwards.
  3. - the company has proven itself well. She has many quality projects (including). They offer to invest in the share of startups that are already working successfully. Each share costs 10 euros, and the owners of the shares receive 10% of the total profit of the service (depending on the shares, they receive their part). Allowed to resell shares at a higher cost.

If the strategy of making money on HYIPs is reduced to attracting referrals, then on these sites everything depends on the starting capital. The more substantial the amount of investment, the more you can get from all these sites. Diversify risks using multiple projects at once. Let them bring a little, it's safer.

Earnings at low risk pyramids and hype

Earnings Conclusion on HYIPs and Pyramids

If it was impossible to make money on such projects, nobody would be interested in this topic. Want to get maximum revenue in this niche? It is best to open your own pyramid. Newbies do not represent how difficult it is, but you can always order a project development by contacting freelancers at.

The idea is good, but it is not easy to implement. In addition, it will require huge money to effectively promote the project. I do not create any pyramids, but with some of them I make huge money. The blog helps me, through it I manage to attract referrals to different sites.

To start making money on HYIPs without investments, you must also have some kind of platform . Where will you attract people from? It is not necessary to open a blog or website, many are limited to YouTube channels or social networks. Without a source of traffic at the pyramids, earnings are unlikely to be successful.

Pyramid sites for earnings are not uncommon, they appear almost every day. However, even if you have a platform for attracting referrals, it is not necessary to register on all resources. Some do not live a month, so it is better to use projects that have worked for at least six months.

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