Earnings assessor at the Askusers, answering questions

Is it easy to make money on the Internet? Some say that it is difficult, and some have already earned decent money, practically learning nothing.

There are many ways to make money online that do not require special knowledge, and the most important thing is that you can start without investments. Have you been looking for a profitable business for a long time? Then you will definitely like the service, which we will now tell you about.

Earnings as an assessor are suitable for people with different knowledge and interests. This project was created so that the owners of large sites could ask questions of their target audience in order to improve the service.

He has no analogs, so many have already registered here and started earning by answering questions.

Earnings assessor at the Askusers, answering questions

How to make money with Askusers?

You may have heard that search engines have so-called assessors that manually evaluate websites .

A similar type of earnings is offered here, only for the assessment you will be offered only those resources that you should be interested in. When registering, the questionnaire is filled in and based on it, then questions are distributed.

Assessors receive from 30 to 50 rubles for questions , and in order to receive as many offers as possible, you need to fill out the profile correctly.

In addition to the standard questionnaire you indicate age, gender, first name, last name and other general data, you will be asked to fill out a few additional forms:

  1. Your profession and related fields:
    Earnings assessor at the Askusers, answering questions
  2. Your hobbies:
    Earnings assessor at the Askusers, answering questions
  3. Topics that you understand and are far from:
    Earnings assessor at the Askusers, answering questions

On each page, you can specify up to 5 options, be sure to completely fill them. There are not so many people willing to address the target audience and pay for it, so you need to provide as much information as possible so that your candidacy fits the requirements of the respondents.

The process of earnings is reduced to 3 simple actions. Register, wait for the questionnaire to check, install the program on your computer, in which questions will be displayed.

Even a novice can easily cope with this, and after installing the software, you will have to wait for suggestions. Questions may be very different, but one way or another they will be related to the client's site:

Earnings assessor at the Askusers, answering questions

Here are some examples, as you can see, these are general questions related to the design of the site. But to answer mindlessly will not work, as each moderator will check your moderator. He will give you a rating from 1 to 10 , which will affect the rating, and that in turn affects the income.

Install a real photo in your profile, as practice shows, this increases the number of sentences by 2 times.

The more you do the work, the faster your rating will grow. So that you know exactly how this affects rewards, here is the table:

Earnings assessor at the Askusers, answering questions

You can withdraw earned rubles by any means, starting with a bank card, by downloading Webmoney, QIWI and Yandex payment systems. Money. The only minus is the minimum wage to pay out 500 rubles .

It will be much easier to collect this amount if, in addition to the work of the assessor, you also use the affiliate program. From the earned and spent money on the website Askusers by your referrals, you will receive 3%.

Take a regular referral link in your account and at least tell your friends about the site so that you can get some money.

The project is developing at an insignificant pace, although its foreign counterparts have long become popular.

In Russia, not many are willing to pay for the opinion of the target audience, and it’s a pleasure to earn from it. You visit sites according to your interests, and you also express your criticism, to which you listen.

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