Earnings and Charity with Whole World

The Internet is now in every home, and besides the fact that it gives us the opportunity to have fun, you can create sources of profit.

You can become an investor without getting up from your chair, but in order not to become a victim of fraudsters, you will have to find quality Services. One of them is the "Worldwide" system, which offers to make donations and at the same time earn.

Earnings and charity with - this is a unique opportunity to make a profit. This project was designed to collect donations, and to make people more active in charity work, they are offered a side job.

The scheme is based on attracting new participants, but this is not a financial pyramid, but a mutual assistance fund.

Earnings and Charity with Whole World

Affiliate Fundraising Whole World

Before providing detailed information on the distribution of funds in this system, I would like to immediately dispel doubts by submitting statistics. In your account on this site you can watch all incoming transactions:

Earnings and Charity with Whole World

Pay money for each invited person, not only by you, but also by your referrals. Only 7 levels and each of them brings from 5 to 15 dollars . Money is honestly paid, PayPal payment systems and Wallet One are available for withdrawal:

Earnings and Charity with Whole World

System Whole World works stably and there are no problems with payments here, and get good money, just invite at least a few active participants.

How to make money on Whole World?

To participate in this project, you need to register and get a special certificate:

Earnings and Charity with Whole World

It displays the names of users who are registered with you. The cost of the certificate is $ 100, another $ 5 must be paid to support the project. That is, the starting capital is $ 105. Where does the money go? Half is distributed between people whose network you hit:

Earnings and Charity with Whole World

The remaining $ 50 is sent to charity. No dark schemes, all the money is distributed between the participants and the charity fund, and the project organizers charge only $ 5 for maintenance per year.

After purchasing the certificate, you will need to start inviting new members. In the received certificate, your name will be on the last place, and all attracted people will bring you $ 10 each:

Earnings and Charity with Whole World

In their certificates, your name is on the last but one line. Do referrals of their referrals, you are raised to the third line. So, your name will rise in the certificate to the first place, and you will receive a profit from all levels:

Earnings and Charity with Whole World

How much will it bring money? Imagine that you found at least 5 people who bought certificates and started inviting other participants. Suppose that each member of your network invites 5 people each, in which case you get a huge amount:

Earnings and Charity with Whole World

Of course, not everyone will be able to invite 5 people, and some abandon this business, but you will have income for sure. Even if you do not count on high-level referrals, to return the invested $ 100, it is enough to attract here only 10 participants.

If you do not trust such projects, but want to invest via the Internet, use money-withdrawing games.

It’s not so difficult to invite referrals to a system where you can earn and make donations to a children's fund, therefore Whole World wins over many analogues. Try to start, the first referrals you can find among your friends and relatives.

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