Earn with Fotolia Instant by selling photos

Mobile phones on Android are now quite common. Besides the fact that they have broad functionality, with their help, you can fully use the Internet and even make money.

Regular readers of our blog already know how to make money on Android, and in this article we will tell you about one good application.

About earnings in photos from, we mentioned, representing 7 Android applications for earnings. This is a simple program, and after installing it on your phone, you can sell photos online.

What exactly you will photograph is not important, as long as the pictures are of high quality and interesting.

Earn with Fotolia Instant by selling photos

Fotolia Instant - how to make money?

Fotolia Instant was created by the popular photo stock Fotolia, which sells hundreds of thousands of images. The main requirements are high quality, the resolution is not lower than 1600 * 2400 and the size not more than 30 MB . You can take pictures from anywhere, being at home, having lunch at a cafe or walking through the park.

Be careful when photographing people and someone’s property; permission is needed to sell such images.

When the application is installed, you can login and upload any number of photos. They are displayed in the All list:

Earn with Fotolia Instant by selling photos

You can add new photos from memory or directly from the camera. It is better to first save the pictures and using photo editors for Android, to improve their quality. By processing, you will increase the chances of a quick sale of the image.

When downloading it, you will definitely need to come up with a name and set tags:

Earn with Fotolia Instant by selling photos

Try to specify as many tags as possible so that potential buyers can easily find the photos. As for the cost, on average it is 3 credits ($ 3) . Look at photos that are sold by other people to determine the appropriate value of their work.

Newbies and professionals can use the Fotolia Instant application, and if you want to turn the sale of pictures into a full-fledged business, use Earn Money to sell photos with and.

Working through the application, your pictures will be added only to its base, and using photo stocks directly, there will be much more potential customers.

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