Earn through photo hosting pay-per-view

There are ways of earning that were very popular a few years ago. Technologies do not stand still, some methods lose their relevance. Nevertheless, they should not be forgotten, because they still bring money.

It is only necessary to find the right approach when using them.

Pay-per-view photo hosting sites are simple earnings that can be used not only by site owners. This is not the most profitable option, on the other hand it is simple.

If you actively upload pictures to special sites, and then post them on popular resources, there will be a definite sense.

Earn through photo hosting pay-per-view

How does photo hosting work with pay-per-view pictures?

All photo hosting sites for pictures work on a similar principle. Users upload images to them and get links. Then you can send these links to friends, post on forums, on social networks, anywhere.

If you use pay-per-view services, then this is and the money will be charged:

Earn through photo hosting pay-per-view

Links are provided for inserting images on forums and regular direct URLs. Before the user looks at the picture, he will be shown ads. This is how the images are monetized:

Earn through photo hosting pay-per-view

In the example, you can see that under the thumbnail there is a button for viewing without ads. Thus, users are offered to buy a paid rate for more comfortable viewing of images. Money is also credited for this (affiliate program):

Earn through photo hosting pay-per-view

It is unlikely that you will find users who want to pay 15 rubles for it, because now they charge free photo hosting sites. The principle of earning is extremely simple, regardless of the choice of service, there will be no differences.

Photo hosting with pay-per-view 2017

Several years ago, such projects were actively created because they brought a good profit. Now many have closed, and those that remained work without sensible support or are sold altogether. But the most important thing is that payments come from them, which means that it makes sense to use them for earnings:

  1. is the largest photo hosting site of Runet, where only RU traffic is received. You can earn on the affiliate program, deductions of 20%. Payments are automatic, once a week to WMR.

Photo-hosting features:

  • payment of 230 rubles for 1000 views;
  • convenient form of loading images;
  • minimum salary for outputting 30 rubles ;
  • multiboot images available.
  1. - another good photo hosting site with pay-per-view. Here they pay 220 rubles for views by Russian users. You can upload images from your computer or link. Payments are automatic, the minimum salary is 15 rubles.

Photo-hosting features:

  • stable work for many years;
  • affiliate program 10%;
  • up to 200 images per download;
  • intuitive interface.
  1. - in 2012, this project opened. In terms of design, it is the easiest and the rate here is slightly reduced (to 110 rubles for 1000 views). There are still entries in the news feed, the project is not abandoned.

Photo-hosting features:

  • payments from 50 rubles;
  • manual payments are made on Tuesdays;
  • 20% payment from referrals;
  • partner contests are held.
  1. - the main difference from competitors is the presence of its own program. It increases the convenience when downloading images to photo hosting. The minimum amount for withdrawal is the largest here (300 rubles).

Photo-hosting features:

  • up to 200 rubles from 1000 views;
  • automatic payments on Thursdays;
  • output only to Webmoney;
  • Early payments are available upon request.
  1. - users of this site receive 190 rubles each with 1000 views of their images. The site was created by Russian developers, they spend payments on Saturdays. Of all the sites presented, this is the most reliable, convenient and fast.

Photo-hosting features:

  • minimum payment for withdrawal of 15 rubles;
  • payments to Webmoney;
  • up to 20 images with one download;
  • has been paying consistently for 5 years.

If you search well, then you can find other analogues, but it is meaningless. The highest remuneration on the presented sites, and they have been working for a long time, many of them checked, payments will come exactly.

How much can photo hosting with pay-per-view money bring?

Don't expect huge deductions from working with such systems. This is a simple type of earnings, suitable only for part-time work. If you send pictures only to your friends, you can hardly earn anything, you need to think more globally and place links on highly visited pages.

Professionals argue that even from a simple site it’s quite realistic to achieve deductions of 50-100 rubles for each picture.To receive this money, you need to collect about 250-500 views, and this is really a lot.

It is not surprising that moneymakers post links to their images wherever possible. Even on sites with torrents there are miniatures, and all because the payment is not high and you have to spin as you can.

Tips for making money on photo hosting sites

If you still decide to work in this niche, you will definitely find useful recommendations. At a minimum, this will help raise the number of views, and accordingly the revenue:

  • to decide which photo hosting is better, try using each site. The data presented on the sites does not always correspond to reality;
  • do not take time to become familiar with the rules of photo hosting, this will help bypass the blockages for violations;
  • use all available traffic sources, social networks, forums and other sites with open publications;
  • use such images where you cannot see from the miniatures what is presented there. Then users will more often open it in full size;
  • do not use spam for a set of views, this is prohibited by the rules;
  • publish relevant pictures on resources, users should be interested in viewing the image;
  • check statistics more often, make sure that it collects more views and which traffic sources are more efficient;
  • use affiliate programs more actively, use other partners for passive profits;
  • on news portals and in communities of soc. networks can collect a lot of views;
  • Conduct parallel work with several photohosting, this increases security;
  • Try to upload as many images as possible. In the future, they can be duplicated on various sites.

Even in this seemingly simple niche, it is necessary to follow the recommendations. Experience always helps a moneymaker, so you have to test everything, test and draw your own conclusions. On photo hosting sites you can definitely earn, it is verified by a large audience.

Alternative methods of earning on views and downloads

There are similar types of earnings in the network, where you also need to distribute links or type views of other content in order to receive money. We have already talked about working with file sharing services, despite the wide distribution of torrents, this method still remains relevant.

As is the case with photo hosting sites, files need to be uploaded to the server in order to get a link to download them. Then everything also, you distribute links and for 1000 downloads, rewards come.

They are much more here than on photo hosting sites, but users also need not just viewing, but downloading files.

Where does the money come from? Along with the files, programs (such as Mail Agent) are distributed, installations are paid, or money comes in for the purchase of premium accounts (there is on every file hosting service).

The second alternative option, somewhat reminiscent of working with photo hosting sites, is to make money from watching videos. This will require a source of traffic (group in social networks or site).

The site always has available clips for placement on their sites, the rate for views is different:

Earn through photo hosting pay-per-view

For 1000 views of these clips paid 250 and 300 rubles, respectively. Slightly more than on photohosting, but there are rates and 1 ruble per view. In this case, the site can not do, besides, it should be at least a little promoted.

If you do not have your own project, see the article on how to create a Vkontakte group. This does not require investments, and if you work hard, you will be able to attract many subscribers.

The best photo hosting hosting with pay-per view is a small category of sites that are ready to pay money. Unfortunately, now this method is no longer relevant, because images are easily uploaded to free services and other sites (including social networks).

However, it is worth trying before drawing conclusions.

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