Earn play money on WASD

Do you like to spend your free time playing online games? Then you should definitely find out how you can earn game currency, because it will be a huge advantage for you.

A huge number of players spend money from their pockets on the games, but this is not necessary, because "gold "for almost all games available for free.

Earn play money for WASD (site closed. Analogue

), the best project to which a lot of the most popular online games are tied. Only on this site, you will be able to perform light tasks and then spend the received bonuses on game currency.

At the same time, there will be no need to open any electronic wallets, it will be possible to make direct transfers to games.

Earn play money on WASD

WASD is closed (equivalent)

Earnings on WASDclub

First of all, you will need to open a new account in this system. Registration is quick, you just need to fill out a special form:

Earn play money on WASD

Pay attention to the last column, here you need to specify the code that you will receive in your Email, so use real boxes. Immediately after registration, you will be directed to the page with tasks:

Earn play money on WASD

Conditions are different everywhere, and the size of the bonus depends on how complex they are. Inside the system, a special currency is used, called "Richiki". You can get them only by completing tasks, which are quite a lot on this site.

If it seems to you that there are few tasks, go to your personal data and fill in the questionnaire, after which their number will surely increase:

Earn play money on WASD

It is not so difficult to complete these tasks , above, we have already presented several examples and specifically highlighted the conditions for them. Some are simple, but it takes more than one hour to play complex games.

Earnings on mobile applications with WASD

The list with tasks can be sorted by operating system. There are many tasks for IOS and Android, just select the desired tab:

Earn play money on WASD

You can perform tasks with mobile applications only when you log in to the site using your mobile device account. Most of these tasks require only installation of the application, conditions with walkthroughs are extremely rarely added.

Withdrawing money from WASD

On what tasks you earn it doesn’t matter, the most important thing is to collect enough money to transfer the reichs to your game. If in the main menu, click "Output" opens a large list of all games in which you can send the money earned.

When you hover the cursor, a minimum amount appears to output to a particular game:

Earn play money on WASD

In addition to popular games, money from WASD can be exchanged for votes on Vkontakte and OKi in Odnoklassniki . For Vkontakte, you will have to collect at least 70 rickshaws, and for withdrawal to Odnoklassniki only 20 riches.

If you cannot imagine your life without online games and constantly invest your money in them, now there is no need for that. You can easily earn game currency on WASD and transfer it to your game account. It is much more convenient and better than paying money for entertainment.

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