Earn on articles, even if in Russian there was a troika

There are many articles on the topic of copywriting online. Users are told about the possibility of making money through the Internet, having any knowledge.

The option is really interesting, but not everyone has done well in school and learned the spelling rules. But in this case it is not necessary to be a linguist.

How to make money on illiterate articles? Even if there was a satisfactory assessment of the Russian language at school, it is still possible to make money on copywriting.

First, you can always pull up your knowledge. Secondly, there are a bunch of error checking services. Thirdly, there is rewriting and other methods of earning on content.

Earn on articles, even if in Russian there was a troika

If you think that all sellers of articles on stock exchanges are educated people who are ideally versed in the rules of the Russian language, then you are deeply mistaken.

Errors in articles are always found, but this does not mean that it should be so. Buyers want a quality product, so you should strive to make the material without flaws.

Copywriting exchanges treat errors in articles in different ways. A comma that is not even set can cause the text to be rejected during moderation. This problem was solved due to customer warnings:

Earn on articles, even if in Russian there was a troika

There is also an exchange where it is easiest for authors who make mistakes in the texts to work. There, the administration is not following this much, but it is serious about customer feedback. If you receive a reasonable complaint, the account can immediately block without the right to withdraw funds.

Unfortunately, no program is able to identify absolutely all errors in the text. Sometimes checking helps, sometimes not, itโ€™s better to learn some rules so that there are no problems.

Tips for illiterate authors

Many users would like to sell articles. This is an interesting activity that does not require serious skills and absolutely no investment. With poor knowledge of spelling, it will be difficult, but you can still work.

Here are some tips for those who want to devote a lot of time to copywriting:

  • start reading fiction, this is the best way to learn how to write correctly;
  • use several services at once , to check for errors;
  • as a last resort, you can contact the proofreaders for help;
  • open the Russian language textbook and start learning the rules;
  • constantly practice, write as much as possible more.

Grammar is important, but you need to remember about the other components of a quality article. For example, the style of presentation of information, interest in reading, correct formatting, adding pictures and much more.

Sometimes, even with minor errors texts scatter like hot cakes if an experienced author and his clients understand how interesting articles he writes.

Earn on articles, even if in Russian there was a troika

Additional ways to make money on articles

In addition to classic copywriting, there are several other options for working with content. You will still need basic knowledge of the Russian language, so be sure to use the previous tips.

Troeshnik is not rarely more hard-working than those who went to school with glasses and always raised their hands. Let the rules you know are bad, but you can show your other talents, using:

  1. Earnings on rewriting - involves changing the texts. Choose any article on the Internet and completely change it (use synonyms, swap words, add something from yourself, and so on). You need to get a unique article, just choose high-quality sites, otherwise there may be errors in them right away.
  2. Earnings on translations - it is unlikely that when using this method, the rules of the Russian language are not needed, but it is also necessary to consider it. In the foreign Internet, there is even more information, translate it (even with the help of software) and sell it. Just keep in mind that machine translations need to be corrected.
  3. Earnings on the resale of articles - when using it, you can not write texts at all. It will be necessary to find a competent author who is ready to realize his work for a small amount. After that, it remains to find a buyer. Alternatively, you can write to the authors of thematic blogs directly.

Thousands of articles are bought every day on copywriting exchanges, and they have hundreds of thousands of errors. Until you become literate authors, simply underestimate the value of your work and continue to practice. Sooner or later, you will learn to write without mistakes.

A lame grammar is quite realistic to pull up , and if you study closely, you can keep within the shortest possible time. Even if in the future you give up copywriting, such skills will be useful to you in life.

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