Earn on an online chicken coop with Ovall

Without leaving your home, you can open a virtual business with minimal investment using money-withdrawing games.

For example, you can become the owner of a chicken coop, buying animals, selling eggs, sowing a field with wheat to getting food for their chickens. Interesting? Then go to Ovall and register.

Earn money on an online chicken coop with Ovall is an interesting option for investing on the Internet. Immediately, it will be necessary to make deposits, since a bonus is issued for registration - a chicken coop , but there will be no chickens in it. Therefore, you can already collect eggs and sell them, receiving money on the balance for withdrawal, only after buying animals.

Earn on an online chicken coop with Ovall

The game is closed

How to make money on Ovall?

The game has already gained over 11,000 registrations and reviews about her only positive. Unlike conventional farm simulators, here you will not need to buy different food, build individual pens, and so on. You are the owner of a chicken coop, and there can only be chickens in it.

There are no payment points in the game, so you can withdraw money without referrals.

Immediately after registering, you can go to the balance tab to make a deposit. You can replenish your account in different ways, the exchange rate is 1 ruble = 1 silver coin. One hen costs 10 silver, that is, 10 rubles, and the capacity of a free chicken coop is 12 beds. Therefore, you can invest 120 rubles and fill the first chicken coop.

Earn on an online chicken coop with Ovall

A business on a chicken coop would be incomplete if the entrepreneur did not need to prepare the goods for sale and feed the animals. Therefore, in the store you will find two more offers:

Earn on an online chicken coop with Ovall

Keep in mind that you still need to spend money on these products, so make a little more money on your balance.

In order not to overpay for grain, buy your own field and plant it. Harvest suitable for feeding chickens.

When your birds bring at least 100 eggs, you can buy boxes for them and then sell the eggs:

Earn on an online chicken coop with Ovall

As you can see, the price is 1 eggs 0. 13 gold coins. With the sale of 100 pcs. You will receive 13 coins = 13 rubles. This amount can be immediately withdrawn via Payeer, since the minimum threshold is 0. 05, and you can withdraw up to 50 rubles a day.

Additional games on Ovall

In order for players not to be bored waiting for chickens to hatch eggs, mini-games were added in which you can win game coins. There are several interesting games to choose from:

  • standard CBN;
  • heads or tails;
  • boiled egg (you need to guess where is raw and where is boiled egg);
  • auction of bids (you need to interrupt the previous bid);
  • lottery (a ticket costs 1 silver, and the winner gets 50 silver).

As already mentioned, attracting referrals to this game is not necessary, but if you can find new players, the system will share profits with you. There are 3 levels of referrals with deductions of 3-2-1%. The amount is taken into account from the deposit made by the referral.

Against the background of many games with the withdrawal of money, Ovall looks like a high-quality and interesting project. Try to use the system to create a passive source of profit, because you can collect eggs once a month, you will not need much activity, as well as impressive investments.

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