Earn on a travel site with Travelpayouts

Every day hundreds of thousands of people fly out of thousands of airports across our country, who initially book tickets and hotel rooms via the Internet.

If you can get their attention at the stage of buying and searching for a ticket, you can make good money, because tourist companies offer profitable affiliate programs.

The best option to attract such an audience is to develop your own platform (blog, forum, website). It is not necessary to register on multiple sites to offer users different tickets, hotels and airlines, there are systems that combine all of this. One such project is Travelpayouts. com.

Earn on a travel site with Travelpayouts

Monetization of tourist traffic

Earn money on a travel site with Travelpayouts is not that difficult, but thanks to a separate functionality for finding hotels and air tickets, you can get the maximum profit.

What is required for this? Register, add your site to the system (in addition to sites, you can add social networking communities) and get a special code (link) to attract customers. With each sale you will be charged a fee, the amount of which depends on the amount spent by the client.

Earn on a travel site with Travelpayouts

How much can you earn?

I would just like to say that this is one of the most profitable ways to make money. The administration of this affiliate program does not sell tickets, they only help users find suitable options and receive a percentage for it. If you attract a client, they will give you 70% of their profits (on average, from 300 to 700 rubles per order).

Money can be withdrawn from 500 rubles to a variety of payment systems. Also, after going through your affiliate links, the user becomes attached to you for 30 days and if during this time he completes the order, you will receive a reward.

So that you have no doubts about the success of this earnings, look at the statistics of other webmasters:

Earn on a travel site with Travelpayouts

Affiliate program reviews are extremely positive, the service is stable and never does not delay payments. Visit the most popular tourist sites, and you will definitely notice links with this affiliate program, today it is the best in its niche.

Additional earnings with Travelpayouts

Also, this affiliate program provides a couple of additional opportunities to make money. You can distribute their mobile application and receive money for completed orders from mobile devices, as well as attract other webmasters and receive 5% of the service fee.

In fact, the Travelpayouts system is surprising in its scale, because the attendance of their search engines in hotels and airlines is visited by a multimillion audience. Considering the various proposals for partnership, be sure to appreciate all the advantages of this system.

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