Earn Money with Livegames, Livegames Affiliate Program

From a wide variety of affiliate programs, you can always find an interesting option for earning on the Internet.

Newbies who have heard about earnings with affiliate programs often know only a few projects that pay a percentage of sales or registration in games, but there are plenty of other, profitable options.

Affiliate program is an excellent option for successful earnings in the network. Surely you have already heard about this project, as it is quite popular. The Livegames game project provides a wide selection of all kinds of gambling for domestic currency, which is sold for a small amount of money.

Earn Money with Livegames, Livegames Affiliate Program

Earnings from Livegames

Anyone can use the affiliate program of this service, and several options for cooperation are offered. Owners of large sites can create a copy of Livegames on another domain and receive 30-50% of all revenues (recharge).

If you have a small resource, you can use payment for registration. Under the conditions, for attracting an active player, you can get from 30 rubles.

Making money on opening a copy of the game service is much more profitable, since you can drive traffic in any way. At the same time, customer support, financial issues and other actions are performed by the organizers of Livegames.

And so that you do not doubt the integrity of the system, you will be provided with detailed statistics on all registrations, payments and visits.

To become a member of this affiliate program, you will have to fill out a special application. If your traffic sources are of high quality, then most likely the administration will approve your participation in the affiliate program:

Earn Money with Livegames, Livegames Affiliate Program

The affiliate program has a significant minus - this is a high minimum amount for withdrawal. We'll have to dial 3000 rubles to get money, which withdraw 2 times a month. But if you work actively, it will not be difficult to earn such an amount, especially since you improve the conditions for partners for activity.

In general, the Livegames affiliate program is profitable and profitable, and you can use it even if you do not have a website at all. For example, you can use forums to attract players.

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