Earn money on your phone with ZIgZag

For users of modern mobile devices, many different applications have been invented, including programs for earning.

Most often, they offer earnings for installing mobile applications, but there are more interesting options. Would you like to receive funds for viewing the news? Now you have such an opportunity!

Make money on your phone with a unique application that has changed dramatically recently.

Previously, it showed paid advertising for incoming calls, and now it is enough to scroll through the catalog and see the available records so that rewards can be credited instantly.

Earn money on your phone with ZIgZag

Forget about replenishing the balance of your phone with ZIgZag

You can download the program from Google Play and the App Store. It is suitable for any device, and most importantly, in a few minutes you will be able to withdraw the first money to the phone.

The application will tell you about the release of new films, new antivirus programs and events in your city, charging money for viewing posts.

In the application, posts appear every day with pay-per-view, in some regions their daily quantity is 5 pieces and it is constantly increasing.

Many people install this application just to get useful information, and bonuses in the form of money on the phone are a nice addition .

So, after downloading the application you need to do the following:

  1. The first step is to enter the phone number, specify the number you want to receive payments:
  2. Earn money on your phone with ZIgZag
  3. Then you need to fill in some information about yourself so that the appropriate entries appear in the application:
  4. Earn money on your phone with ZIgZag
  5. Now you can start earning . On the screen, you will see a normal directory with different entries; only those with the Z box are checked:
  6. Earn money on your phone with ZIgZag
  7. After opening the record, you will see the information, you can not read it, The main thing is to wait until the timer finishes on the flag (for ZigZag users, discounts are often offered here):
  8. Earn money on your phone with ZIgZag
  9. This can be done in the appropriate section:
  10. Earn money on your phone with ZIgZag
  11. In the "Balance" section, you can see the crediting history, the average payment for viewing posts is 30 kopecks:
  12. Earn money on your phone with ZIgZag
  13. To order a payment, you will need to save at least 20 rubles. It remains only to click on the "Pay" button and select a mobile operator:
  14. Earn money on your phone with ZIgZag

Note that the statistics show how much is received from friends. This is additional income, attract new members and get 10% of their profits.

It will not be superfluous to join the official groups of this company, as there are often draws (after registration, you will receive a link to the community of your city).

Earnings on ZigZag will be an excellent option for those who want to receive bonuses to the balance of the phone.

If you like working from a mobile device, we also recommend installing the Life News application. Through it, you can get interesting news, as well as offer your own, getting good rewards for it.

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