Earn money on the socialink exchange socialink

For every user who wants to make money and not learn any activity, the Socialink service is ideal. This is an exchange of social links through which you can not only monetize groups and accounts, but also download a program for auto-production or use earnings on entering captcha.

The project has been working for more than a year, the user base is impressive, and the payments are stable, so there is no reason not to trust the project, no . Anyone can use this service, and after reading this material you will be able to understand all the intricacies of making money with Socialink.

Earn money on the socialink exchange socialink

What methods of income does Socialink offer?

1. The execution of tasks.
After you add your platform (group or Vkontakte account), you will be offered to perform various tasks. It’s impossible to earn money on fulfilling tasks, since the site after adding is sent to moderation:

Earn money on the socialink exchange socialink

When it is checked, you can perform various tasks, for example, place an advertisement on the wall of your account or groups.

Earn money on the socialink exchange socialink

I have already managed to earn some money and a red alert with the number 2 indicates that there are 2 more tasks currently available. After they are executed, money is instantly credited to the balance.

2. Earnings with the program from Socialink.
In a special block for displaying earnings schedules on a web surfing there is a link for downloading the application:

Earn money on the socialink exchange socialink

When you download the application, you will need to install in the usual way him to your computer. After that, at any time you can run a program that will automatically move from your computer to various sites.

The load on the system is minimal, and the program runs on the system tray and does not prevent you from using the computer for your own purposes.

3. Paid input captcha.
A very simple method of earnings, which is offered on some sites, but it is paid much lower. For the input of characters from the picture on Socialink they pay up to 6 kopecks, this is not much, but the captcha is simple:

Earn money on the socialink exchange socialink

Enter the word shown in the picture and click send. While this article was being compiled, I managed to make some money on captcha input. Thanks to the sound notification of the arrival of new pictures, it is very convenient.

First withdrawal of funds you can order only after an amount in excess of 50 rubles appears on your balance. Earn money on Socialink with your friends. Attracting new members through a special link, you can receive a portion of their profits.

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