Earn money listening to music, really?

Before you start doing any work on the Internet, sitting at the computer, I immediately turn on the music.

It is more convenient to work under it and many consider it exactly the same. Agree, it would be nice to get paid for listening to someone's song, but this is quite realistic and special services have been created for this.

Earnings on listening to music is almost the same as surfing and autosurfing.

Instead of browsing the sites, you will include songs and receive small rewards for it. Many systems have been created for paid music, but it is better to use only foreign projects.

Earn money listening to music, really?

How to make a music lover?

You can find a lot of different sites where you get paid for including songs. The most popular among them. Despite the small rewards, it is worth making a choice in favor of this system, since there are the most songs here.

Where does the money come from in such systems? Most of them come from advertisements posted on the site or from songwriters who want to promote them.

The best site for making money on listening to music without attachments does not have Russian localization, but this is not a problem. You need to perform the same actions, and so that you can figure out everything easily, here’s the instruction:

  1. When you complete the regular registration, go to your personal account and click the button to go to the list with songs:
  2. Earn money listening to music, really?
  3. Then scroll to the bottom of the page and open any song from the list:
  4. Earn money listening to music, really?
  5. A new tab will open. where there will be a listening scale and the simplest player:
  6. Earn money listening to music, really?
  7. You need to wait until the scale is full and after that select inverted headphones, such is the captcha:
  8. Earn money listening to music, really?
  9. Everything is instantly credited to the balance I have money, you can go to your account and verify that:
  10. Earn money listening to music, really?

The image button highlighted on which ordered payment. The balance must be at least 99 cents to order a transfer, it is available only on PayPal. The system is honest, really pays the money and it is easy to use.

Other sites for earning money on music

There were quite a lot of similar projects. There are no decent systems in RuNet, here you have an idea for creating your own interesting website.

If you want to get paid for the fact that someone’s song comes from your speakers, you can use other similar services:

- money is paid here depending on how much the organizers themselves receive. They try to attract advertisers, and those who listen to songs are paid 25%. The exact amount of income can not be called, they are constantly changing.

- the service paid more than a million dollars. Payment is different, depending on what category the music is listened to, the system notifies customers where the bonuses are more. Payments are also only on PayPal from $ 10.

You can work with all sites at the same time, but it will be difficult to listen to several songs at the same time. The only option is to turn off the sound on the computer altogether and just make money.

How to increase revenues from such earnings?

There is a great option to increase earnings from earning by listening to music. To do this, you need to register several times on the above sites.

To prevent you being burned, do this using a VPN. Download a special program can be on. After launch, you will see a window where you can select a server:

Earn money listening to music, really?

You will change the data and become a foreign user. Before registering, change the server every time and enter from a unique IP. The method works, only you have to pay for the program.

The cheapest tariff for 349 rubles per month is quite enough:

Earn money listening to music, really?

You will quickly beat off the money, and then start to receive net profit. In addition, this software is useful for other purposes. For example, you can perform tasks on mailers with registrations. They are paid the most:

Earn money listening to music, really?

This is an example with Wmmail, you can try to make money on registrations with changing the server through Seosprint, there are even more tasks. At least you will be able to return the money spent.

Earnings on the Internet to listen to music does not bring huge profits, but it is extremely simple.

Even a beginner can use this method, and if you approach the matter wisely, you can raise many times more income. Try different options for remote work to find what you exactly like.

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