Earn money in UAH on clicks and captcha

Residents of Ukraine are no different from Internet users from other countries and can also make money online.

Most newcomers from Ukraine are interested in how to earn hryvnia, but it is not necessary to receive virtual money in national currency , since they can be easily exchanged, the most important thing is that you find a job that suits you.

Earnings in hryvnas on clicks, captcha - these are a couple of simplest methods of earning that will suit even a schoolboy. Clicks are transitions in advertising from different sites, and captcha is the input of characters depicted in the picture.

You can use two methods at once to figure out which one is better.

Earn money in UAH on clicks and captcha

How to start making money in hryvnias?

First you need to open an e-wallet to which you will be paid money. It is best to use Webmoney, since all services work with this payment system.

See detailed instructions for registering Webmoney to see how easy it is. Inside the created account, you can create wallets for hryvnias, rubles, dollars, euros and any other national currencies.

It is easy to exchange them, just press a couple of buttons (a vivid example at the end of the article).

Earn money in UAH on clicks and captcha

Earnings on clicks in hryvnias

As we have already said, clicks are transitions in advertising, such work is offered by click sponsors. There are no postal workers who pay the hryvnia specifically, but this is not a problem, since you can easily exchange rubles and dollars for the currency you need.

For this, use monitoring of exchangers:

Earn money in UAH on clicks and captcha

WMR currency is rubles for Webmoney, select it in the "Give" section. In the section " Get " choose WMU - Webmoney wallet for hryvnias or Privat24 UAH to get money for the card. After that, a list of services is displayed on the right, where you can exchange money quickly and without problems.

How to make money on click-on sponsors?

We figured out the currency and now you know that when you receive rubles or dollars, you can easily convert them to hryvnia. Click sponsors offer several types of earnings, in addition to click jobs, such orders are added here:

  • registration on the site;
  • file downloads;
  • likes and reposts in social . networks;
  • video viewing;
  • writing comments.

There are other types of tasks, they are easy to perform and you will definitely cope with it. Now let's look at some of the best services that host these tasks:

  1. Wmmail is the best book, where the best prices are for performers. There are always a lot of tasks, and the internal account is maintained in dollars (you will earn dollars). Funds are withdrawn only on Webmoney, and in addition to assignments, you can sell articles here. Texts in Ukrainian are also accepted.
  2. - a service created in 2009, offers an easy side job on the Internet for citizens of any country, including Ukraine. The internal balance is in rubles, there are enough tasks, and the interface is much simpler, so you will quickly become comfortable here.
  3. - by design and functionality a similar site to the previous one. Now you can take on more than 6600 tasks in this system and receive payments on Webmoney in rubles.
  4. Socpublic is a high-quality book with modern design. This site also holds an account in rubles, this is the currency you can get for viewing sites, likes, comments, registration and other actions.

Choose any of these sites, and it is better to register on several systems at once, so that you can get as many instructions as possible. Do not perform all the tasks in a row, choose those in which decent pay ( for some pay up to $ 10 ).

Earnings in hryvnias on a captcha

Getting money for entering a captcha is even easier than working in a box. It certainly does not require any knowledge, but it takes a lot of time to get income. Go to Rucaptcha and register on this site.

Then, go to the section " Start earning " and proceed to entering characters from pictures:

Earn money in UAH on clicks and captcha

Everything is simple, indicated the numbers and the letters, clicked "Send" and got paid for it. The cost of solving different, it depends on the rate set by the customer, as well as the number of employees at the moment. Earned rubles are displayed on Webmoney wallets.

How to exchange WMR and WMZ for WMU?

Within one Webmoney account you can create as many wallets as you need. To make an exchange, you can use BestChange, but there is also a way to convert currency without using exchangers.To do this, go to the section "Exchange WM" in your wallet:

Earn money in UAH on clicks and captcha

After that, a form will appear through which you can specify the amount and choose a ruble or dollar purse to get hryvnia :

Earn money in UAH on clicks and captcha

The exchange rate is always up to date and funds are instantly transferred from one account to another. What then to do with the hryvnia on the electronic wallet? You can use Webmoney withdrawal on a VISA or MasterCard card.

To summarize, do not look for ways to earn hryvnia on the Internet, use any services and take up any remote work . Having received virtual money, you can easily exchange them and be able to withdraw.

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