Earn money in the game Electro Magnat at power plants

A little more than 2 months ago, a new game opened, through which you can make profitable contributions.

It has always been difficult to invest, but not in economic games. It does not need to learn anything, and a lot of money is not required to start. Passive income is not a myth, anyone can get it.

Earnings in the game are already used by almost 20,000 users, and the total payments for the 80 days of the project’s existence exceed $ 2,800.

A simple interface, a unique idea, bonuses and much more make this game one of the best. You can start without an investment of , but it’s better to make only $ 5 to start investing right away.

Earn money in the game Electro Magnat at power plants

Play and earn on Electro Magnat

The plot of this game is related to power plants. Players register and buy stations with different paybacks.

Depending on the type of power plant, it generates a certain amount of energy. It must be calculated and sold in order to withdraw money. Every day the income from the stations comes on the machine, and its size depends on its type:

Earn money in the game Electro Magnat at power plants

This image shows 2 types of stations (the cheapest and the most expensive). It depends only on you how much money will come to your account every day. Nuclear power plants are the most profitable, but they are expensive. But pay off in 2 months.

How to play Electro Magnat?

First go through the usual registration, and then go to your personal account. Newcomers are handed out one wind power, which immediately begin to bring energy.

Income of 4 cents per day, this is too small a profit, therefore, it is better to invest money and buy other stations:

Earn money in the game Electro Magnat at power plants

Prices for them are in silver. It is bought at the rate of 100 silver = $ 1. To replenish the balance, Payeer is used, which provides for the transfer of funds from Yandex, QIWI, Webmoney, bank cards and other methods. Bring in as much as you like and immediately acquire the station.

Every day, collect a bonus in your personal account; it brings up to 10 silver.

In the "Control system" section, the calculation of generated electricity is performed, press " Calculate " and see the number of kW:

Earn money in the game Electro Magnat at power plants

Now go to the section "Sale of electric energy" and get silver for the electricity produced:

Earn money in the game Electro Magnat at power plants

From the amount of silver 90% is credited to the balance for withdrawal, the rest is transferred to the account for purchases:

Earn money in the game Electro Magnat at power plants

Balances can be monitored in your personal account, both displayed in a special block.

Use the exchanger where you can exchange funds from the balance for withdrawal to the balance for purchases and get 30% more.

When 10 silver is collected on the account for withdrawal, you can order a payment. The relevant section indicates the number of the wallet and immediately calculates the dollar amount:

Earn money in the game Electro Magnat at power plants

Electro Magnat payment points are there, so you need to dial them before ordering the payment. Each score gives the right to withdraw one dollar.

You can get them when you replenish the balance (50% of the amount) and every day visiting your profile. At 15% of all deposits in the game, distributed among players who entered the game within 24 hours (in the form of payment points).

It is much more efficient to collect points by attracting referrals. Besides the fact that from their deposits you will be charged 20% on the balance for withdrawal, a certain percentage will be thrown on the payment balance:

  • level 1 referrals - 30%
  • level 2 referrals - 10%
  • 3 level of referrals - 5%

To easily withdraw all the accumulated money, you need to invite at least 7 active users. This is not so difficult to do, you can use social networks, forums and other methods.

Play the lottery at Electro Magnat and win from 200 to 500 silver (tickets cost 100 silver).

The interesting game Electro Magnat is gaining popularity at an enormous pace, and given the fact that there are payment points, it will exist for a long time.

Did you like this kind of earnings? Be sure to look at other games with the withdrawal of money, because for safe investments you need to share deposits and use several projects.

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