Earn money by translating text

The Internet has erased geographical boundaries, so now it’s important to learn foreign languages.

In addition to being useful in life, such skills help thousands of users to earn online. Almost everyone knows that you can sell texts, and you can create them in different ways, including through translations.

Earnings on the Internet on translations can bring a lot of money, but using only a translator, you cannot achieve serious results.

If you know at least some foreign languages, develop these skills and start translating foreign content. Alternatively, you can even find an alternative job (for example, translation of sites).

Earn money by translating text

How to make money on translations?

Especially for those who need to translate something or those who want to make money on their knowledge, developed a foreign service. Russian localization is there, so you can easily understand the interface.

It is convenient that you can specify certain languages ​​in the order form for searching for work:

Earn money by translating text

The project has been translated into several languages, therefore people with knowledge of Spanish will find a job , French, Albanian and other languages. The scale of the service is large, so there are always available orders.

After selecting the translation languages, you will see the available offers:

Earn money by translating text

Employers need assistance in translating databases, articles, interfaces and websites. As you can see, in some orders you need to translate into several languages ​​at once. One person cannot cope with this, so you can only apply for the languages ​​you speak.

Selling translated articles

If ordering seems too difficult for you, try selling ready-made articles. Choose any foreign blog and start translating texts. It can be difficult for a beginner to find a high-quality foreign website, I suggest using it.

There are several categories on this site, so everyone will find materials suitable for them according to their knowledge:

Earn money by translating text

As mentioned earlier, even when using online translators, you will have to go through serious work on editing articles. No program can translate an entire article qualitatively, so you have to read the material and correct errors.

If you are trying to sell unprocessed text, wait for the blocking on the copywriting exchanges:

Earn money by translating text

You can post high-quality, processed translations on several exchanges at once. It is best to do it on, there are the highest rates. You can also use it, there are lower requirements for grammar (with a pair of missing commas, the text will still be accepted for sale).

The sale of translated articles is not prohibited; when adding them for sale, do not forget to indicate that this is a translation, and not copywriting or rewriting.

To make sure that this method really works, I decided to translate several texts and put them on sale . There was no need for money, so prices were deliberately overpriced.

It took about a month, after which all the articles were sold. The exchange was used, here’s the statistics:

Earn money by translating text

If you decide to try yourself in this business, you better not raise the rates. Take no more than 30 rubles per 1000 characters , otherwise, your materials may remain unattended for a long time.

In any case, this method works, I received money for its use, so now I advise everyone to try my hand at this area.

Do not forget to check the uniqueness of the texts, maybe, someone has already translated them. Also, make sure that there are no errors in the articles; the

service helps with this.

It is as difficult to make money on transfers as when using copywriting. We advise all beginners to learn the rules of successful copywriting, which are applicable to work with translations.

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