Earn Forex with Forex4you, instruction

A lot of people dream of becoming a successful trader, because conducting financial transactions in the foreign exchange market can be very profitable.

From the beginner to the professional you have to go a long way. To achieve a decent income from transactions, we need not only knowledge, but also to choose the best broker.

We decided to write a broker review, as the total number of open accounts in this service is approaching a million.

Over the years, this company has managed to establish itself as a stable and honest broker who can be trusted. In addition, there are many different opportunities for traders.

Earn Forex with Forex4you, instruction

Earn Forex with Forex4you

The company was organized by E-Global Trade. Finance Group, Inc . The project was launched in 2007, from the same time it became possible to trade from Russia and a number of CIS countries through it.

To provide services to traders, the broker has a special license:

Earn Forex with Forex4you, instruction

Having a real office, the necessary documents, licenses and permits speaks about solidity of this company. Trust them for sure, it is one of the largest brokers providing services in several countries.

Registering with Forex4you

Creating a trading account with this broker may seem difficult for beginners. Registration consists of several steps:

  1. First you need to enter general information about yourself - Email, address, time zone and so on:
  2. Earn Forex with Forex4you, instruction
  3. On the second step selects the main parameters of your account, select the currency, spread and minimum volume at the very beginning of the page:
  4. Earn Forex with Forex4you, instruction
  5. Also in the second step, leverage is selected (using the prompt, you can easily determine) the planned investment is indicated and the password from the terminal is set:
  6. Earn Forex with Forex4you, instruction
  7. Then a large list opens with various documentation. It is not necessary to read, you can simply give consent:
  8. Earn Forex with Forex4you, instruction
  9. Next, you will need to confirm the mail, indicating the code in the incoming letter:
  10. Earn Forex with Forex4you, instruction
  11. Registration is over, you can download the terminal or click "Continue" to enter your personal account:
  12. Earn Forex with Forex4you, instruction

Having completed these steps, proceed to recharge your balance. You can choose to make deposits in various ways. There are bank cards, Webmoney, Yandex. Money, QIWI and other options.

How to trade in Forex4you?

When you replenish the balance and open an account, you can start the terminal. Trading is conducted through the terminal, it is not difficult to use it. To make it easier to understand, see the instructions:

1. In the main menu, you need to select the opening of a new order (you can use other methods):

Earn Forex with Forex4you, instruction

2. In the opened window for creating an order, you will see the following interface:

Earn Forex with Forex4you, instruction

Choose an asset, set the amount of currency, stop loss (threshold after which the transaction will be closed), take profit (also closing level of the transaction) and set the type (leave the immediate execution). Now you can click Buy.

3. Successful opening of the order will be shown in the following window:

Earn Forex with Forex4you, instruction

4. Now you need to wait until the currency rate changes in your favor, and close the order. To do this, open the graph and after calling the context menu, select the appropriate function:

Earn Forex with Forex4you, instruction

5. The same window will open as when opening an order, only in it you need to click Sell. After that, an alert about closing the order will appear:

Earn Forex with Forex4you, instruction

All, the money is credited to your balance, and you can conduct other transactions using the same algorithm of actions.

Automated trading on Forex4you

To successfully close a trade, you need to be a professional. Making a forecast requires serious knowledge. If you do not want to learn, use auto-copying transactions.

Forex4you broker invites everyone to subscribe to the transactions of experienced traders. Especially for this was created an additional service. There, you log in with your data from Forex4you and you can go to the list of available subscriptions:

Earn Forex with Forex4you, instruction

Statistics are kept for each trader, so you can easily select a leader. Profitable system for all, experienced traders receive additional income for the fact that everyone can see their actions.

Newbies can use automated trading, thereby trusting the management of their capital to a professional. Unlike PAMM accounts, there are no risks of becoming a victim of a cheater, because a trader makes bets for himself, and you just copy them.

Investments in PAMM on Forex4you

Investment portfolios appeared a long time ago. This is a profitable Forex trading tool. Here you will transfer your money under the management of professionals. The amount of profit from transactions directly depends on the initial capital.

There are a lot of PAMM accounts being kept, you will definitely choose the best option:

Earn Forex with Forex4you, instruction

Why would someone trade other people's money? The benefit is obvious. If a trader receives 10% per month from $ 100, his income is only $ 10.

And if the starting capital is $ 10,000, then a profit of $ 1,000 comes out in a month. This money is distributed between investors and the owner of a PAMM account. Everything remains in the black, but whether a trader can make a good profit is questionable. That is why you need to correctly choose a PAMM account.

Affiliate Program Forex4you

Additional opportunity to earn money with a popular broker. The company is ready to cooperate with different types of partners:

Earn Forex with Forex4you, instruction

A commission (spread) is taken from each transaction, and partners receive a portion of this amount. The amount of remuneration depends on the number of transactions by attracted traders and amounts used:

Earn Forex with Forex4you, instruction

In addition, you will receive additional income from referrals below the first level. There are 3 levels available, each of them brings income:

Earn Forex with Forex4you, instruction

In addition to a substantial deduction from the spread, the affiliate program has a number of other advantages.

These include the ability to attract people through direct links, online statistics, the ability to withdraw funds on the day they are credited, a wide selection of promotional materials and much more. In general, using affiliate program, you will definitely be able to earn, perhaps this will be the source of your starting capital.

We hope that our review of Forex4you broker is complete and now you know a lot more about this company. The activity of this broker is accompanied only by positive reviews and, if you decide to engage in trading on Forex, then consider Forex4you as the main candidate.

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