Earn at your brewery in the game Beerfarm

Have you ever dreamed of opening your own brewery and making serious money? Now it is quite possible, because there is a project Beerfarm. ru, where everyone can start to brew beer and make a profit from its sale.

The game is actively gaining popularity and thousands of users every day derive real money from it.

Earn money at your brewery from now, just go through the registration and receive a bonus of 15 home units, which produce 5 liters of drink every hour on the machine. It will take at least once a month to go into the game to collect beer and sell it, as well as to order payments.

Earn at your brewery in the game Beerfarm

The real earnings in the game Beerfarm

The bonus in the form of starting aggregates will allow you to start from scratch, but you will take profits for too long. Therefore, it is better to buy several devices, investing some money.

For every 10 rubles you will receive 1000 silver, and it is best to invest at least 100 rubles, since for this you will get several bonus aggregates. This amount will be enough to buy one or more brewers:

Earn at your brewery in the game Beerfarm

Visiting the warehouse every hour, you can collect the beer produced, making a special button:

Earn at your brewery in the game Beerfarm

Only one step separates you from making a real profit - selling beer from a warehouse. To do this, go to the section "Sale of beer" and also press the button:

Earn at your brewery in the game Beerfarm

The money is instantly distributed between the balances for withdrawal and for purchases, and in what proportion depends on the amount sold beer:

Earn at your brewery in the game Beerfarm

As you can see, the more liters you sell, the more money you get to the account for withdrawal. Silver is credited to the account, and upon withdrawal it is converted into rubles at the rate of 100 silver = 1 ruble.

Through the exchanger in the game, you can change money from the account for withdrawal, to money for purchases, and you will receive a bonus (the percentage changes every day).

In addition to making money on beer production in Beerfarm, you can collect hops and grow yeast. You can collect hops every two hours, but this function is available only to those who replenished the account with 50 rubles.

It is sold on Saturdays and Sundays through a special exchange. As for yeast, this is an additional tool for investment, since you yourself can choose the amount and in 10 days you will get 115% of the profits:

Earn at your brewery in the game Beerfarm

Additional profit can be collected using games and special bonuses. There are quite a lot of them at Beerfarm:

Earn at your brewery in the game Beerfarm

You will say, why are there so many daily bonuses? They are intended for specific groups of users. For example, bonus referrals can be received every day by someone who has added 300 rubles to their balance in the game. And the maximum bonus is available daily to those with 200 home units.

Additional games on Beerfarm are unique and interesting, so while your beer is brewed, you can have fun and earn extra income from them.

While the Beerfarm project does not have such great popularity as or, but most importantly, money is honestly paid from the game, and you can be sure of it. Try to start with a deposit of only 100 rubles , this is not so much money, so as not to take advantage of the attractive offer.

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