Dropshipping with TinyDeal. Resale of goods with TinyDeal

Mediation is one of the activities that can bring serious profit.

Resales of various products are not so easy, because you need to find the best deals, and even raise prices on them to simultaneously make a good profit and interest the client.

Dropshipping with, the original way of making money online, which is accessible to all. You can build a small online business from scratch that can be developed.

The scheme is extremely simple - find buyers for certain products and after receiving payment, order a package to TinyDeal using the buyer's address.

Dropshipping with TinyDeal. Resale of goods with TinyDeal

Why will people buy products from you? First, not everyone knows that there are Chinese online stores that offer a lot of goods at a bargain price.

Secondly, many people do not trust such services, since they are foreign. The TinyDeal virtual store honestly performs its duties and if problems arise, you can even issue a return of goods.

You can be sure that on this site you will find many lucrative offers. For example, it can be tablet computers. So that you are sure that we are not telling this for a reason, we will give a clear example:

Dropshipping with TinyDeal. Resale of goods with TinyDeal

Here is a tablet that is offered for only 2,515 rubles with free shipping to Russia. You may have seen such devices in real stores at the same price, but pay attention to its characteristics.

We give 100% guarantee that the tablet with a 4-core processor, android 4. 4, 8 GB. built-in and 1 GB. RAM, not sold in the store where you were, for 2515 rubles.

To prove our words, we went to the DNS online store, a company that has a whole network of computer stores. The cheapest tablets with similar characteristics cost at least 5000 rubles:

Dropshipping with TinyDeal. Resale of goods with TinyDeal

2 ​​times more expensive, and even if you offer such a tablet for 4 or 3. 5 thousand rubles, your profit will already exceed 1000 rubles and it is only from one transaction. You can also use more expensive products to make more difference.

Where to look for buyers?

Any traffic sources are suitable, even groups in social networks. When users make lucrative offers, many no longer pay attention to the fact that they do not cooperate with the whole company, but with a private person.

Some businessmen from the field of dropshipping even create separate online stores , but with TinyDeal this will be difficult, since you can add only 5 sending addresses in one profile. Of course, you can create several profiles or permanently delete addresses and add new ones, but this is inconvenient.

If you are interested in this article, then read how to make money on dropshipping, where we described several quality systems, in which you can also become an intermediary and make money on the difference in price without being engaged in delivery.

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