Dragon Eggs One Game Review (Scam)

On the Internet, money is received from various sources, and one of the most current methods is earnings in investment games. Despite the name, it is not necessary to invest, because there are many different functions and bonuses on gaming sites that allow you to start from scratch. The main thing is that there are no serious restrictions on payments.

The game without points Dragon Eggs - earnings on dragon eggs, not requiring the attraction of referrals and mandatory investments. Nearly 100,000 players have already been registered, despite the fact that the project appeared only in April 2018. Perhaps this contributed to the promotion and burzhuneta, because the site is translated into English.

Dragon Eggs One Game Review (Scam)

scam game

What is interesting about Dragon Eggs?

From the first days after launching the game it was watched increased interest. Investors or as they are called "hyipers" quickly pulled themselves together and began to collect their referral networks. Plus, the administration conducted a powerful advertising campaign. Now the choice of games with the withdrawal of money is really big, so why you should pay attention to the Dragon Eggs:

  • the developers have already launched other major projects, the official VK account is associated with Tropic Birds (the game has long been works and stably pays). The game belongs to the Money-Profit Group;
  • a branch on MMGP is quickly filled with messages from players. There you will find not only reviews about Dragon Eggs, but also you can see payment screens;
  • players are offered to chat in a general chat, there you can find the truth about Dragon Eggs, asking real people questions;
  • various bonuses allow you to start without an investment. Only for registration give silver to buy the first dragon;
  • the English version of the site allows you to work with foreigners. For referrals, this is a great opportunity to expand the scope to attract players;
  • there are unique functions in the affiliate program, you can redeem free referrals and set up an automatic refback;
  • several options have been invented to make money without investments. Beginners can collect silver through surfing, quests, win in additional games.

Obviously, the developers did a good job before launching the project. All the necessary functions were added to it, the balance is easily replenished, and funds are also simply withdrawn. Judging by the queries in the search engines, foreigners show a high interest in the game.

How to make money with Dragon Eggs for a beginner

According to the standard scheme, everything starts with registration. It is standard, login, email, password. Then you need to enter the Dragon Eggs office, where you can immediately buy a blue dragon due to the welcome bonus. You go to the store and click "Buy":

Dragon Eggs One Game Review (Scam)

After how much the Dragon Eggs recouped the money invested, you can calculate it yourself, the percentage of return is indicated in the description. In addition, the site has a special calculator. After buying characters you need to collect eggs in stock:

Dragon Eggs One Game Review (Scam)

For 100 eggs, 1 silver is credited to the account for withdrawal (99%). Also, when collecting eggs you will be offered to improve the dragon. There are 3 levels of improvement, which increase the profitability of the character, but this is a paid function:

Dragon Eggs One Game Review (Scam)

If you have a lot of money on the balance sheet, then it is better to get the most expensive dragons. In other cases, it makes sense to raise the level. You can verify this by making calculations in the calculator.

Withdrawal from Dragon Eggs

Only those users who have deposited more than 10 rubles to their account receive payments. This is a prerequisite, but without investments it is also possible to get money, for this you need to earn 1000 silver in surfing. There are many ways to get paid, even without a deposit, you can go to the settings and go to the "Requisites" section, there is a complete list:

Dragon Eggs One Game Review (Scam)

Payment systems, phone numbers, cryptocurrency wallets - make a profit wherever you want. In the settings you can block some methods for security purposes. DragonEggs One reviews confirm that payouts are automatic and stable.

Surfing (Serfing) of sites

The ideal opportunity to collect silver for buying dragons and to remove restrictions on payments is to browse the sites of advertisers. Everything is simple, choose any line from the list and watch the site until the timer is released:

Dragon Eggs One Game Review (Scam)

The income goes to the balance for purchases, it is equal to the balance replenishment. There are always a lot of offers, this function is useful to someone to advertise their sites or affiliate links from other projects.

Completion of assignments

More silver is collected through assignments. While there are not many of them in the system and the majority are connected with the project itself - share a link, invite friends, see 500 sites through Serfing Dragon Eggs One and so on:

Dragon Eggs One Game Review (Scam)

Added for each order step-by-step instruction. Please note that there are reusable orders, that is, every day you can get a reward for them.

Affiliate program of Dragon Eggs One

In any game with a withdrawal of funds there is an affiliate program, only the conditions are different everywhere. On Dragon Eggs, interest from deposits drops from 3 lines, also comes a percentage of earnings on surfing from 1 line:

Dragon Eggs One Game Review (Scam)

If you are not able to attract referrals, use the Autoreferal function. Interrupting the rate of other users, you will become a leader and free referrals will be assigned to you. And so that they remain active, install refback:

Dragon Eggs One Game Review (Scam)

This is one of the advantages that new players are really interested in. Expose them to increased cashback and promise to share profits.

My review of the game Dragon Eggs

I have a lot of experience using economic games. It is important to register on such sites as early as possible, and this project is only 38 days old (at the moment). It is worth highlighting and the main advantages of the game over competitors:

  • profitability of almost 40% per month;
  • 99% of the profit from the sale of eggs goes to the conclusion;
  • there are many ways to start earning without investments;
  • payment restriction is only 10 rubles;
  • there are no points and there will be no restarts;
  • 3-level affiliate program;
  • the ability to attract foreigners;
  • a huge list of ways to withdraw funds.

Plus, this project allows you to earn cryptocurrency. After reading the Dragon Eggs thread on MMGP, we managed to collect a lot of information, positive reviews, few people complain about the problems.

The only thing that put on the alert is the numerous allegations of accusation of multi-account, but here you need to understand, because it is quite possible that users were not just suspected, they were left with the opportunity to return access to the account.

BLOCK: Interested in the game just because you can earn cryptocurrency in it? Then register on. Through the virtual mines you can collect Ethereum.

More than 10 million rubles were withdrawn from Dragon Eggs - this is an impressive figure for a relatively young project. Sign up, get a bonus and spend it on the first dragon. Let him bring the eggs, and while you collect more information and decide whether to continue to earn in this game.

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