Download Telegram for free and chat

Mobile technologies are developing rapidly, and with it more and more useful applications are emerging.

Already now, by purchasing an Android or IOS device, you can save money on mobile communication. Using applications such as WhatsApp or

, you can communicate with your friends.

Mobile application (Telegram) is another instant messenger that allows you to conveniently exchange different information with other people.

The creator of the project is Pavel Durov (who launched Vkontakte), but despite this, there is no Russian language on the official website and in the program, which causes a wave of discontent among the Russian-speaking population.

Download Telegram for free and chat

As in similar applications, after downloading Telegram, you need to specify a phone number and enter the code received via SMS.

The program is installed on any mobile devices and there are versions for PC ( Windows, MAC, Linux ). When you download and register in the program, it can be opened on several devices at once, there are no restrictions.

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When you add a phone number, the application will ask you for access to the phone book. It is necessary to immediately find friends who already use Telegram. You can write messages to them at any time:

Download Telegram for free and chat

This is a screenshot from the Telegram Web version. This is convenient, because sometimes it's easier to go to the site and log in than to download programs and applications.

Where is the Telegram free download?

You can use the app store for your operating system (for example, Google Play) or download Telegram from the official website.

Unlike analogs, the program of Pavel and Nikolay Durov, has high security, is compatible with any devices and works much faster.

Download Telegram for free and chat

Yes, the application does not have Russian, but you can send messages in Russian, so it’s enough to understand the functions and you can easily use the software.

There are a lot of tools in it, so you will get the following opportunities:

  • communication anywhere in the world;
  • creating groups of up to 200 people;
  • chats are integrated on all devices;
  • you can send files of any format;
  • timers are set for messages;
  • instant message sending;
  • there are no ads in the application .

Special attention was paid to security, so the developers even held a contest to crack their program. One man managed to find the "hole" and he honestly earned his $ 200,000 , but now it was closed and the defense became more serious.

Take advantage of any version of Telegrams and make your own assessment of this project. Apparently, he has a great future and there is a high probability that soon there will be Russian.

By adding a new language location, developers will be able to count on expanding the audience of users, so it will definitely appear.

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