Down-sell appliances - sell cheaper, earn more

Every businessman must have expensive and cheap offers in the range of goods and services.

Basically, sellers try to lure buyers with low prices, and then offer them different add-ons or recommend spending one times for something better (upselling).

The down-sell sales technique works exactly the opposite. It attracts buyers with high prices and they make a unique offer to save money by buying an inexpensive product.

Naturally, they will gladly take advantage of this, and even share a profitable acquisition with friends that will lead new customers.

Down-sell appliances - sell cheaper, earn more

How to make money on cheap goods?

It is important to prepare in advance for using this technique. On the windows or pages of online stores laid out high-quality goods with high price tags.

After contacting the consultants, the potential buyer explains what he needs and, if necessary, he is offered the most advantageous offer. As for preparation, this "profitable" option should be with the highest markup.

Don't you understand how to apply the Down-sell technique? Let's take an example. Suppose you sell synthesizers and a buyer approached you to help him choose the right instrument. First of all, you need to find out for what purpose the purchase is made. Suppose he decided to buy a synthesizer for children.

Consequently, he does not need a professional musical instrument, and a semi-professional can also bite in price. Why not offer him the cheapest synthesizer, thus rejoicing the lucky one and get almost a 100% guarantee of his purchase.

Now let's figure out how this is profitable. For example, a professional synthesizer brings the seller 3,000 rubles (extra charge), the sale of a semi-professional instrument is 2,000 rubles, and the “advantageous” offer for the buyer should bring more than 3,000 rubles.

The price can be very different, the most important is the markup, the seller must keep it at a high level.

Down-sell appliances - sell cheaper, earn more

To realize the Down-sell technique, it is necessary to establish relations with suppliers and try to agree on the lowest price for any product. Only in this case it will be possible to make a mark-up higher than for expensive products.

Each marketing method has its own subtleties. The Down-sell technique should be applied wisely, if not properly used, you can create a bad impression on the client:

  • solvency doubts (where did they get that I had little money );
  • an attempt to sell something that is not of high quality (the cheapest is trying to sniff me);
  • suspicions of deception (why the seller advises something cheap, this is a fraud);
  • there is something wrong with the goods (if they offer something else, then that product is bad).

It is important to foresee these points and try not to allow such thoughts among buyers. If they think about it, it is necessary to begin explaining why this particular product is offered to them, to describe its positive qualities and to declare that many have saved, having been satisfied.

In practice, Down-sell is extremely rarely used , since it is difficult to make a large premium on cheap goods. Plus, it's hard to communicate with customers, they immediately sense something amiss. In any case, this option can be considered, it works for some businessmen.

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