Donations for the site - one of the ways to make money

On the Internet, you can do a lot of different activities to make money.

The option that attracts the most attention is earnings on your site. In addition, each user sees in his own way the possibility of earning money with his own resource. Some do not even realize that there are many interesting ways to monetize sites.

Donations for the site is one of the ways to make money, which is somewhat different from the standard methods. The owner of any forum, blog or service can easily set a form to collect donations on his resource and start receiving money from generous visitors thanking them.

Donations for the site - one of the ways to make money

Collect donations through the site

Do not think that after setting the form with donations, you will immediately begin to transfer money. To collect charity, you will need to share something useful and show everyone that you have done a lot of work to help other users. As a rule, donations are collected by the developers of various programs, video courses and other information products.

If you decide to accept donations on the site, it is better to abandon other methods of monetizing the site (remove all banners, teasers and other advertising formats).

The idea of ​​accepting donations on the site has already been implemented by many webmasters. How do they collect charity? There is a choice of method. You can set up receiving funds via SMS, connect one of the payment systems or use specialized services:

1. SMS donations. This is a great option if your target audience is far from using electronic money. Anyone can send money from the balance of the phone, but technically this method is difficult to use.

It is necessary to draw up various contracts for connecting paid numbers. In addition, in the operations with mobile balance, huge commissions are written off.

2. Payment systems. Each major payment system has the functionality to create a form for collecting donations. For example, in a few minutes you can get such a block from:

Donations for the site - one of the ways to make money

As you see, visitors can send money not only through this payment system, but also from bank cards. Similar functionality can be found in other payment systems.

3. Special services. For receiving donations on the site, you can get forms and from special services. The most popular projects in this niche are Donate Me, Funding To and Chirpify. If you do not want to understand these systems for a long time, you can use a simple analogue in RuNet - WM piggy bank ().

On this site you can open a piggy bank for receiving Webmoney and add a block on the site to attract people:

Donations for the site - one of the ways to make money

When a person goes through the block, a page opens where the transfer of funds takes place:

Donations for the site - one of the ways to make money

Everything is simple and every Webmoney user can easily figure out how to donate money to the site owner.

To begin accepting donations on your site, explain to the visitors that you need it and give reasonable arguments. That is, do not beg, but accept as a token of gratitude.

The collection of donations on the site, as practice shows, brings more at the very beginning. An audience of regular visitors quickly send money and forget about the form of donations, while beginners do not rush to transfer money. Try and experiment, this way of earning can also bring income.

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