Domain Monitoring through Dominder (closed)

Everyone who works with sites periodically has to get information about domain names, monitor the timely payment of their rent, check the availability of resources located at addresses and find out the statistics.

For all of this, special programs and services have been created, but there is one project that will help you solve all these affairs

Domain Monitoring via Dominder. com is the best way to keep track of different domain names. The system is multifunctional and free, and besides the alert function that the domain needs to be renewed, there are many other useful tools.

Domain Monitoring through Dominder (closed)

The project is closed

How to use Dominder?

After you complete the registration, first go to the settings and change the language to Russian . After that, go to the control panel and add all the sites for which you want to monitor.

In the upper right corner there is a button “Add domains”, and when you specify addresses, the system will immediately start collecting different data:

Domain Monitoring through Dominder (closed)

For example, we added several domains in the system, including the domain of our blog. The first column shows the number of days after which the domain payment will expire. Ping shows the speed of loading pages, notes are usually empty, and the last column indicates the safety of the resource.

On the side of this table there are several tabs that are responsible for the various functions of the site:

Domain Monitoring through Dominder (closed)

Whois - here you can see the information about domains that you could get through Whois In particular, it is who is the owner and registrar, as well as the date when the payment expires.
Reminders - here you can set up notifications for each domain. To do this, click on its name and proceed to editing.

After that, the following form is presented to you:

Domain Monitoring through Dominder (closed)

Here you can fill in all the notification parameters and receive them so you don’t forget to pay for the domain name in time.

Monitoring - you can monitor the availability of sites through this tab. In addition, here you can also configure notifications that will be received if the site is unavailable.

Notes - this is not the most useful tool that allows you to attach any text or file to the domain. It may be useful to tag certain groups of domains.

Security - the system checks every domain you add for viruses. The analysis is carried out through the most popular anti-virus systems.

Domain Monitoring through Dominder (closed)

This is an example of a check for our blog, so that it will be completely completed, you will have to wait a bit, but at the moment no threats have been found.

Finance is the last and most important tab in which the expenses for each of the domains are displayed. What kind of expenses? For example, for sending notifications. The system provides a 14-day test period, during which you can add up to 100 domains.

When 2 weeks are released, you have to pay for using the system:

Domain Monitoring through Dominder (closed)

As you can see, for only $ 3. 5 per month, You can fully monitor your domains and receive notifications. For this money you are provided with 20 SMS, if you need to receive more alerts, then each of them will cost another 10 cents.

Dominder System. com helps each user to pay for domains in a timely manner and provides other useful functionality, because everyone wants to know that their sites are not infected with viruses and work stably. It makes no sense to use a large number of tools when they can be found in one place.

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