Does Sitemap affect indexing? - Profit Hunter

You have heard a lot about a Sitemap, but how effective is it when it comes to the speed of indexing new pages?

You will be very surprised, but sending a Sitemap really works great. Details of the results of the experiments are presented in the graphs:

Does Sitemap affect indexing? - Profit Hunter

Does Sitemap affect indexing? - Profit Hunter

As can be seen from the graphs, the average time after which the Google bot visits new pages when sending a site map is only 14 minutes, without sending a map - 1375. For Yahoo, 245 minutes with a map and 1773 minutes without a Sitemap, respectively.

It is believed that if you do not edit the Sitemap, it helps to identify problems with the structure of the site. Of course, if you are not sure of the link structure of the site and suspect that there may be problems with the bot’s "natural" finding of new pages, then without sending a Sitemap, you will be able to detect these problems. However, if you are sure in the structure of the site, then such a trifle as sending a Sitemap will help speed up the indexing of new pages tenfold.

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