Does design need creativity? unusual design - is it good?

The design of the site plays an equally important role in its development than content, user-friendly interface, competent linking and much more.

When creating a design for a site, most developers try to come up with something fresh and implement it on a new resource, to stand out among the competitors .

Does the site design need creativity? This question is controversial, because most experienced webmasters argue that a non-standard site interface can be one of the reasons for bad behavioral factors. The fact is that it can be difficult for visitors to figure out where to click to go to specific sections.

Does design need creativity? unusual design - is it good?

Unusual design - is that good?

I would like to say right now that with regard to entertainment portals, this rule is not so important. By developing a creative resource that will evoke positive emotions among visitors, you can give free rein to your imagination and experiment with bold decisions.

Interesting design options will certainly attract attention, and this is what you should strive for. In particular, the originality of the design is ideal for underage users .

But with what resources it is better not to conduct experiments, so it is with various services, government projects and other resources related to a serious field of activity.

On such resources, you need to adhere to a rigid framework, because the intuitive interface in this case will help visitors quickly find what they need.

Does design need creativity? unusual design - is it good?

For example, when developing a site about real estate, it is better not to add bright colors and numerous “decorations”. It will be much better if the design is made in the style of "minimalism".
Modern technologies make it possible to embody even the most unusual design solutions, without a special load on the site loading speed.

Before you think about the originality of the design, be sure to pay attention to the scope of your resource, and also make sure that visitors will appreciate your efforts and consider it frivolous.

Finally, we note that even if you create a serious resource, some kind of "trick" in its design will not be superfluous, therefore, invent something and be original.

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