Do you need a college degree to get rich?

Common stereotypes play tricks on people.

Most of those who have not completed a higher education institution believe that they have too few chances to achieve wealthy life, but this is a mistake. You can succeed, generally without education documents .

Do you need a college degree to get rich? It all depends on what you mean by the word "Education".

If this is a high level of knowledge, then of course, and if this is a diploma, then the “tower” is not needed. What is important is not what is written on paper about your level of knowledge, but what is in your head .

Do you need a college degree to get rich?

Without higher education, you can get rich!

There are plenty of examples of how people without higher education achieved success. All known Oleg Tinkov, the owner of the company Tinkoff, has already demonstrated it.

This man is not from a rich family, but due to his desire for high incomes, he was able to get rich.

In addition to Oleg, in the popular Forbes list , there are other rich people without higher education:

  1. Zarah Iliev - at the age of 17, left Azerbaijan for Moscow and engaged in the sale of brandy, then opened a flower shop. A lot of time has passed, but now his main source of income is real estate.
  2. Andrei Klyamko is a Belarusian who once left for Russia, where he met his fellow Novinsky. Together, they invented the device "Waterfall" and a unique barrel of firearms.
  3. Gavril Yushvaev - lived through many difficulties, but became the richest man. He even managed to serve 9 years, but when he came out, he began to collect start-up capital. Now he earns on investments, but once opened a car dealership and casino.
  4. David Yakobashvili is the richest investor who came to millions from a complete zero. At a young age, he worked immediately on 3 jobs to collect start-up capital for the opening of a pig farm, which helped him to make a serious profit.
  5. Valeriy Kogan - he started his career with a state employee, but later left her to do business. Together with his acquaintance, he opened Yugtrastinvest, and now he receives the main profit from Domodedovo Airport.

All these people cannot boast of higher education, but have achieved the income we dream of. They proved that a diploma is not so important, it is important to have knowledge and show your entrepreneurial talent

The well-known Forex market brings a lot of money to experienced traders. Some people believe that successful education requires economic education, but the study showed that 50% of traders have a secondary education, not an economic direction.

Whatever education you have, you also have a chance to succeed. How and what to do? It all depends on knowledge, preferences and start-up capital.

Do you need a college degree to get rich?

Here are some options on the Internet from which you can start:

  1. Create your own blog.
  2. Invest in.
  3. Create a group Vkontakte.
  4. Earn on video courses.
  5. Binary options trading.
  6. Investing in a PAMM Account.

These are just a few of the options that will help you to invest or create an additional source of profit.

It’s harder to take the first steps, but when you start getting serious money, you will have many more opportunities to start a large business or investment, for example, in real estate.

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