Do not wait for a kick in the ass. Act! - Profit Hunter

If you still have not started the warm-up, please answer me, what are you waiting for !?

Act !!! If you lack motivation, read one very useful book by Stephen Covey entitled “The 7 Skills of Highly Effective People.”

Do not wait for a kick in the ass. Act! - Profit Hunter

Test yourself for laziness

If you are reading these lines now and thoughts appear in your head like the ones I quoted below, it means you definitely need a good kick. These nasty little thoughts:

  • I'll wait a couple more days, I'll take a closer look. Maybe I won't like it.
  • But why do I need all these tools !? I did a great job without them!
  • Yes, yes, nothing ... Here I look at the whole Autumn Marathon and t I get to work.
  • I can't ...
  • I have to ...
  • If ...
  • All these technical things are already sitting in my throat.
  • Yes, I can’t get my desk cleaned, not that ...

This way of thinking is unlikely to help you succeed, because what you think, you end up becoming that. Tune in to the wave of doom, bad luck and lack of “something there” and get it all by yourself.

Do not give responsibility for your life to destiny or whatever you call it. Otherwise, you will instantly become a slave to other people, circumstances, stars in the end. Do you need it?

What to do? And that's what.

Change your approach and take action!

Every time when we think that we cannot influence the solution of the problem, we try to evade responsibility . Practically everything that concerns us in any way is under our control.

Admit it! Admit that everything depends on you!

Change your attitude to life. Instead of shifting the problems onto someone else’s shoulders, start talking to yourself

  • I’ll reach the finish of the Autumn Marathon!
  • Maybe now I’m misunderstanding something, but soon everything will be on their places.
  • I will just go out on the track, and then we will see what comes of it.
  • Day 1 seems like nothing. Now I'll put the kids to bed and watch the video.
  • Blog? And ... this is what a blog means. Hmm, and I want this so myself. Where to get it?
  • Not so all this is difficult, though, you need to sit and think a little.
  • I will start right now.
  • I choose ...
  • I want ...
  • I will ...

Understand these settings and constantly scroll through them in your head. And everything will change. You will feel control and responsibility for your actions.

Become different. Change yourself, and the world will begin to adapt to you.

And remember, if you don't start moving, nothing will happen.

Ignore errors. Just go on your way. You will have time to fix them. Yes, and not stuffed cones, you can hardly succeed.

A small aphorism in the subject: " If you say you can, you can. If you say you can not, you're right " (c) One intelligent person.

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