Do not count money not earned, spend time correctly

To succeed, you need to competently work with your worldview and exclude some points from your understanding. Do not count the money not earned, as experienced entrepreneurs say, this is one of the components of success.

And by refusing to count the money not yet earned, you have the opportunity to earn ten times more. This belief is necessary not only for those who want to make millions, but also for those who are starting at least not very promising activities, such as a copywriter career.

People who believe in the mystical properties of money , believe that in this way they can be jinxed. Even if you do not believe in mysticism, you still should not consider unearned money.

Do not count money not earned, spend time correctly

Un Earned Money

Due to which possible profit will increase several times if you just stop it Consider? The fact is that thinking about future actions, and in particular counting money, you will spend too much time, and every minute should be used with benefit. How are 100% of your time in which you can think about and plan for future profits?

  1. Approximately 20% of your time spent thinking about the money you can receive.
  2. The next 20% will go to the fight and take into account all the fears associated with future profits.
  3. Most of the time, namely 40% of the time, you spend on re-checking useless information. For example, you will check ads even before you have the money, and prices tend to change.
  4. The last 20% will be spent on thinking about the costs of funds earned in the future, as well as on discussing this with other people.

Everything 100% of the time is useless in this case and you should understand this too.

Do not count money not earned, spend time correctly

How to act to spend your time wisely?

  • learn to act immediately, that is, try not to speak
  • set the priorities correctly and determine which cases are worthy of your time costs;
  • do not wait until the results of certain actions are presented, act at this time, doing other activities.

Wanting to succeed, people often make mistakes and leave their goals at the level of mental examination. All the time you possess is your resource that you need to use competently.

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