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Do not burn your most important client - Profit Hunter Do you consider yourself the author of the letter? Do you consider yourself a copywriter, a person who can create something from nothing with one dash of a pen? If yes, congratulations! The true author is like a wizard. Everything he writes comes from within, from the depths of the endless well of his work. If you are a true author, you have magic that will be envied. To be able to write masterpieces is a rare skill. You can change attitudes, create emotions, pictures, colors in the minds of your readers. You can make money from the air just by moving your fingers on the buttons of the keyboard.

Through the alchemy of writing, you can take what makes you unique and turn it into a consistent income. Make a plan, and you can turn your thoughts into an asset that will pay you many times, again and again.

But ... did you know that many authors often make the same mistake? Which one? Instead of building their own future, they continue to rush aimlessly. How? They burn out. They write every day and work to get a long list of appreciative customers. But too many authors ignore their most important client .

If you are an author, then the most important client is you yourself.

Yes, yes. Your words are the most expensive asset. This is an asset that you can invest an infinite number of times in your creative bank. This is the asset for which you will be read, leave reviews, recommend to others and link on the Internet. After all, everything you do, write ... write for whom? For whom you are writing blog posts, email newsletters, special reports, creating web pages, technical documentation, advertising - for your customers.

You know that words on a page (or screen) are extremely important for creating a business. And you know that strong writing is one of the most effective ways to create a valuable product. If you are an author, then you do your work directly, easily, to present your best work to your best client, creating the most valuable asset of your business. Day after day.

You have a commitment to your most important customer

It’s not enough to stock up on an idea to create your own blog or mailing list, or promise yourself that you will do it later. Do not postpone. Do not be a chef who gets lousy deductions on the way home, or a plumber who always has tap water. Every drop of a drop is a lost opportunity.

Be the author who writes. Not only for others, but also for yourself.

P. S. Not one SEO world is beautiful. This is how you dig in sites, cut loot, then look around and somehow it becomes sad. Well, what is this work? So, purely dry scheme of pumping money from the Internet. ... I decided to work on my motivation. I notice that it is somehow difficult to write and translate. Maybe it's spring hit in the head? I want to be free, to the air. Partly yes. Okay, why am I really?

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