Do not advertise your WMID. WMID number to hide

When using payment systems, you should always be careful and attentive, because theft of electronic money is one of the most pressing problems in the modern world.

Reports continue to appear on the network about hacking into virtual accounts, but the developers claim that this is due to the users themselves.

In particular, you must carefully hide all your data from unnecessary "eyes", including your wallet ID from WebMoney. Why you should not advertise your WMID? There are many reasons for this that beginners do not even guess about, publishing their wallets wherever possible.

Do not advertise your WMID. WMID number to hide

WMID number you need to hide!

You can find thousands of different WMIDs on forums, blogs, social networks and many other sites. In most cases, they are published in order to ask for money or to make sure that the holder of the wallet is a person with a good reputation and serious intentions. But to distribute your account number is still not worth it.

The main reason is the high risks of becoming a victim of fraudsters. Although the system Webmoney and provides a reliable level of protection, hacking cases have already been recorded.

For example, scammers can send a message to your WMID or Email with a virus, due to which they will hack an electronic account. Of course, this can happen without active "advertising" of your WMID, but it is better to reduce the attention to your account.

Another serious reason for hiding the account number in Webmoney is the restriction from trolls and those who may dislike you. Situations are different, and doing online work closely, it is easy to amass detractors.

How can they use WMID information? Yes, at least for writing negative reviews. Maybe you do not care, at the conclusion of subsequent transactions, partners may refuse.

Do not advertise your WMID. WMID number to hide

But how to hide the WMID if it is used everywhere?

The best option is to open a separate wallet from which You will perform all the minor transactions , and register on the sites. Let it be open to any of your relatives or friends, because now you can not get a formal certificate without confirming passport data.

Also, do not keep money on it, but immediately after the incoming operation, send funds to an additional account. This trick is used by almost everyone who is seriously engaged in work on the Internet, and if you intend to succeed, you too should think about it.

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