Do guest posts work today? - Profit Hunter

Do guest posts work today? - Profit Hunter

Guest Posts are posts that are not written by the authors of the site (blog), but by third-party authors for the purpose of promoting their activities (services, websites, brand ) and getting links to their online projects.

After the announcement in 2014 of the leading Google spam specialist Matt Cutts, everyone became alarmed: guest posts and articles with paid links cannot be used because they are a spam promotion method. The question arises: is there any hope that guest posts today can help in the promotion of sites, and not spoil everything?

Content of the article

  1. Do high-quality guest posts work?
  2. How about guest blogging for traffic and branding (not SEO)?
  3. How about blogs that have a lot of authors?
  4. Positive aspects
  5. Conclusion

According to the recommendations of Matt Cutts, the natural guest post is different from the paid one (including free content sent in exchange for links) as follows:

  • in the article disclosed This is an expert point of view on a question previously set forth in a blog, i.e., the subject of the guest post and the texts available on the site are the same;
  • in the introduction, the blog author notes why it was this author that he allowed can be useful, writes brief information about this author;
  • in materials that bloggers publish, keywords are very rarely used in link anchors, because blog owners do not set out to promote any other site, but want to provide additional useful information illuminated by the subject;
  • content is of high quality (many posts written for links - this is only a low-quality rewriting bearing little value for living people);
  • close links to nofollow.

Despite Matt Cutts' warnings about spam guest posts, many webmasters continue to practice this promotion method. How to survive in a situation where search engines are tightly tightening the nuts to optimizers?

Do quality guest posts work?

Do guest posts work today? - Profit Hunter

Google employees claim that despite the global network, there are many cases of using high-end guest posts, which can be useful for site visitors. Most webmasters who borrow really valuable content from authors whom they know and can vouch for are doing the right thing from a Google point of view.

How about guest blogging for traffic and branding (not SEO)?

Do guest posts work today? - Profit Hunter

People need to understand that this promotion method can still work, only in another the key. In seo strategy, one of the goals is to get traffic. Now webmasters should look at guest posts as a method of getting traffic and increasing brand awareness. People forget that the success of a link is in the amount of traffic it can generate.

Look at the conversion statistics from your guest posts in the past and evaluate the benefits they brought to the site, in addition to increasing its TIC or PR. Explore how link traffic behaves in terms of page views, bounce rate, conversions, and revenue. Spam guest posting, as a rule, does not give almost any advantages, in addition to building "puzomerok" (although this "advantage" is also a thing of the past). Posts should be created for people, not for cars.

What about blogs that have a lot of authors?

Cutts emphasized that Google does not plan to penalize projects for which many people write. Although not all such blogs are of high quality, many of them are TOP, and their daily attendance is in the hundreds and thousands.

Thus, sites that fill several (and possibly dozens of) authors are, from the point of view of Google, a good idea if the quality of the content on them remains high.

Positive sides

Punishments for spam posts have their own bright side.

  • The Internet is becoming cleaner and is turning from a world-wide dump of low-quality content and links into something that can bring real benefits.
  • The opinion that guest posts are written only for getting links is erased. This means that people will read them more willingly.
  • The absence of links in posts means that authors have to write for a purpose other than increasing the link mass to improve ranking. The process of promotion becomes more creative and useful for the target audience.

Do guest posts work today? - Profit Hunter

For authors of projects who publish guest articles, there are also a number of advantages.

  • Another perspective. This is great when you can get high quality content for free. Readers will be able to learn a different (possibly expert) point of view on topics that have already been covered in the blog from experts in their field of activity.
  • Promotion. Guest writers with great connections in social networks can share their post with thousands of subscribers. How do you like this free PR?
  • Visibility in search. Quality content contributes to the promotion by improving behavioral factors and its distribution.

Naturally, guest blogging today also benefits the authors, otherwise it would not make sense.

  • Branding. Expert posts on third-party sites where your Central Asian lives are a great way to show yourself to a wide audience and make your name memorable.
  • Building a reputation. People love to buy from experts who have their problems solved. It is a fact. There is no better way to show your competence than through valuable recommendations in articles.
  • Possibility of feedback from readers. You can join the discussion in the comments, get feedback from people and show themselves from the best side, closing the questions of interested readers.


Although guest posting has changed a lot, today it is of great benefit to the authors of the projects, the authors of the articles, and those who read them. Links in such texts, used "to the point", give good traffic. One such link can cost dozens of those that are stamped with boring, synonymous publications with commercial anchors.

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