Do freelancers need paid exchanges?

Newbies often choose freelancing, because this line of earnings on the Internet does not require investments.

Not all exchanges offer the opportunity to search for work on the Internet for free. Some sites need to pay money to get access to orders. On the one hand it is bad, on the other hand it is good.

Does a freelancer need a paid account? Everyone decides which sites to use to find customers.

Some remote workers do not bother at all, having gained a certain popularity, people turn to them directly. For promotion, it takes time, so first it makes sense to pay for the account.

Do freelancers need paid exchanges?

Paid freelance exchanges

Why do some services take money from employees? Because they provide a user-friendly interface, offer different functions and guarantee fair transactions.

Plus, on freelance exchanges with paid accounts, competition is much lower. Find them a good job or knock out an expensive order easier.

One of the most popular exchanges where you need to pay money for access to orders is. There are really a lot of customers here, and payment is made for each section separately.

It is possible to pay even for certain types of subsections, but this is not so profitable. For freelancers, the exchange offers to post a portfolio, information about yourself and much more:

Do freelancers need paid exchanges?

The second quality site for remote work is. A paid freelancer account here costs 250 rubles. So much needs to be made after registration to confirm the seriousness of their intentions.

In addition, they take 350 rubles if the freelancer does not have a Webmoney certificate, but you can get it yourself. The tasks are different, the payment is good:

Do freelancers need paid exchanges?

Not everyone decides to pay in order to earn money, therefore it is easier to find a job and separate projects on such exchanges. Pay attention, the payment is symbolic, having completed only one order, the expenses are paid off completely.

Freelance without paid accounts

You do not have to pay anything if you use free exchanges and use alternative methods to find customers. The most popular resource for finding remote work in RuNet is the exchange.

It has the most offers on it, and after registering you can immediately improve your reputation by filling out a profile:

Do freelancers need paid exchanges?

Experts will find work from any spheres, and the administration will ensure that the transaction with the customer is fair. Similarly, you can find yourself orders through. There all the services of freelancers cost 500 rubles.

The exchange works for free, as it takes 100 rubles from the payment (employees receive 400 rubles):

Do freelancers need paid exchanges?

There are a lot of analogues at these two sites, but they are enough for the novice freelancer . In addition, freelancers do not have to pay for accounts when they use additional sources of orders:

  • social networks;
  • forums;
  • websites with regular vacancies;
  • bulletin boards;
  • own sites.

Of course, it’s easier to find customers on the exchanges, but it’s harder to get your candidature approved. You need to use all the possibilities, the only way you get the maximum development.

In most cases, a paid freelancer account implies obtaining different privileges and useful functions. Evaluate the capabilities of the service before payment, do you really need a profile for money? Many do without it.

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