Disclaimer - Preparing for the marathon. Day 5 - Profit Hunter

Disclaimer - Preparing for the marathon. Day 5 - Profit Hunter

Hi, Everybody! Ed is in touch. Today I will spend a few minutes on the topic “Failure.” What is this and why do I raise this question?

Filmed for this video is directed most of all to those who want to understand how the marathon interacts with the third party. What is Challange? Is it a trap? Is it some kind of sect? Maybe we offer to distribute drugs? No.

The Challenge is a business project. Its purpose is to teach and provide important foundations for building your network. The ultimate goal of all the lessons - earn $ 1. If you can earn $ 1, you can earn $ 1,000 and the marathon takes place once a year And there is a moment when a participant pays money. This is when he buys hosting and domain for the practice of marathon lessons in the real market.

What goals do we pursue or not pursue?

  • At We do not advertise our own materials or programs throughout the marathon.
  • Registration in the marathon is absolutely free.
  • Advertising that may appear on the Challenge pays for our high costs.
  • We give discounts when buying a domain marathon participant go hosting.
  • Throughout the entire marathon, all programs and services are free to use on an experimental basis.

Our goal is to teach you how to do business.

Money issue

Free tools

Any of the tools provided at the marathon are the tools of our partners. We use the best tools of those who have the best experience. And we will use these tools every day.

Now we can use our tools in the Challenge. Therefore, we must agree on certain conditions that are equal for all. First of all:

  • During the entire Challenge, all the tools will be available to you for free , without any either conditions. You can refuse to use them at any time.
  • You do not need to pay anything for the tools. No cash charges.
  • If you need to use a tool like Market Samurai , then it will be available to you for free.
  • If you still decide to purchase some of the software, OK. We will get income from this. It's your decision.

!!! But, throughout the marathon you do not need to pay anything. And there will be no “Oh, to complete this task, you need to send a bit of money.” No.

“You say you don’t have to pay for anything. But after all, nothing is free ”. Yes, and in this you are right. As I mentioned at the beginning, there are two things you pay for — hosting and domain. And then, it will all be yours and will not go to us after the end of the marathon.

Any site is an asset. It is like a piece of land. You develop it and the price for it grows. After the marathon, you can sell your site if you do not want to develop and build your business.

Hosting You can buy yourself. We give some recommendations where to buy it better. The decision is yours. Buy it yourself? OK. This will not affect your participation in the marathon. Website and hosting - by your property.

Earn money

We do not make any claims and do not require you to earn money. Our goal is to teach you to earn at least $ 1. Someone might object "Hey, you teach us to earn $ 1, and you earn $ 10,000" . Yes, we can earn $ 10,000. Did it all start with such amounts? No.

We offer to learn real, existing business, and not just tell you a beautiful theory and list the possibilities. These lessons work.

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