Difficult clients with copywriters, orders that you don’t want to fulfill

While engaged in copywriting, each author faces various problems.

Some problems are related to the general development of the sphere of virtual earnings, such as dumping, and some appear when working with difficult customers. Steadily earning on writing articles, such difficulties will necessarily appear.

Difficult clients with copywriters are not uncommon, there will always be people who are dissatisfied with the work done, who want to "frustrate", do not competently express their thoughts and do not want to make up a technical task. What to do with such customers? Refusing to work is not worth it, because it can cause a negative review, but they are not needed by anyone.

Difficult clients with copywriters, orders that you don’t want to fulfill

Orders that you don’t want to do

The most common problem associated with difficult customers is the general order for writing text about everything. In one material, the copywriter needs to contain a huge amount of information from the history of the company, to the list of goods with descriptions and the story about the life of the managing staff.

Such orders come across most often and their customers state that they need text for the main page. First you need to try to explain that the “piled up” text will not be of high quality and there will be too much water in it, but if the client stands his / her own, do not argue, create a huge text, and for convenience you can write the component parts separately.

An equally common problem caused by customers may be offers to do the job as soon as possible. When you explain that the text is needed immediately, do not rush to agree, in some cases, to understand all the subtleties of the developed material, it takes time, and in its absence, the work will not be done efficiently.

Difficult clients with copywriters, orders that you don’t want to fulfill

In addition, for urgency, you can demand a good payment, do not hesitate to take a double fee from the customer, because he is in a hurry, and working with the urgency is much more difficult.

Intentional re-optimization of texts is another problem that copywriters periodically face. When you receive an order for writing product descriptions of 1000 characters and the requirement to include at least 10 keywords in each text is made, it may simply seem impossible.

If the requests are easy to enter into the text, then you can not even prove to the client that they can impose filters on it. If keywords are difficult to group in a small text, then you can try to explain that this is not correct, at a minimum, it will be a good reason to refuse to work.

You can never take up work if you are not sure that you will cope with it. Do not be afraid to discuss orders with customers, express your opinion, but most importantly do not argue. Difficult customers were, are and will be, you just need to learn how to work with them.

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