Develop a business in your city Profit City

Who would not want to open their own nightclub, shopping center or store? These are popular ideas for businesses that are difficult to implement when there are not thousands, but only thousands of rubles in your pocket.

Now you will have such an opportunity, because you will learn about an interesting project in which you can and should invest money.

Profit City Economic Game has already helped realize the dream of thousands of people. After registering on this site, everyone got their own virtual city in which you can build different types of business. There was a game not so long ago, but its reserve is already approaching a million rubles .

Develop a business in your city Profit City

The game is closed.
The best games with the output here are http: // workion. ru / zarabotok-na-igrax. html

To start the game, you must go through the usual registration. For this you will be credited 5,000 coins (game currency, 100 coins = 1 ruble). With this money you can build a city hall, a restaurant or a minimarket.

Their yield is minimal, so it’s best to immediately replenish the balance. This can be done in the following ways:

Develop a business in your city Profit City

How much to make money decide for yourself, but first you better go to the "Construction" section and decide what type of business you would like to open in your own city.

There are quite a few options, the most expensive Capitol will cost 10 000 rubles , but you can start with something simpler:

Develop a business in your city Profit City

Please note that some buildings require the development of the city. For example, to open a shopping center, you first need to pump a minimarket to level 2.

The buildings are placed on a special field (it is the same for everyone):

Develop a business in your city Profit City

There are buttons here to collect automatically accumulated coins and sell them. If you click on a building, a window will open in which you can choose to increase the level of the building:

Develop a business in your city Profit City

The cost of the upgrade depends on the current level of construction and type of business. Collecting coins from all buildings, they are distributed to your balance sheets for purchases and withdrawals.

From the first, you can buy a new business, from the second you can order payments to Payeer. In the profile settings, specify the wallet number and order payments whenever you want. Money comes quickly:

Develop a business in your city Profit City

In addition to building houses, you can earn money by attracting referrals. Take the affiliate link in the "Referrals" section and start attracting new players. The administration will charge you 10% each from their deposits (3% each from referrals of the 2nd level).

In the "Bonus" section, collect a bonus every 24 hours; free coins will not be superfluous.

Another good way to make money on Profit City is to participate in contests. The administration constantly holds a contest among the most active investors and those who attract the most referrals:

Develop a business in your city Profit City

As you can see, now there is also a video contest. By its terms, you must record a video, add it to YouTube and place the link in a special group. For this you will be given free coins, you can use them to open a new business.

If you want to win in the referrals contest and attract a lot of participants, use the mailers. See how to run a job on Seosprint and get referrals with minimal expenses.

With the Profit City project, it’s quite realistic to make big money. Yes, investments will be required, but they quickly pay off .

To diversify risks, you can register in other games with a withdrawal of money. Continue to live in poverty or build prospects for the future - the choice is yours.

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