Destroying a Vkontakte competitor through bots

Social media sites are much easier to create, therefore, hundreds of thousands of new communities are actively emerging every day.

People create groups for everything from selling perfumes to providing real estate services. In this below, there was even a serious competition.

How do they get rid of VK competitors through bots? Not everyone is ready to compete honestly.

With the help of cheats, they get bots into foreign communities and then they are blocked for it. Thus, the easiest way to oust those who are more popular than you and do not attract any attention.

Destroying a Vkontakte competitor through bots

Ban for cheating Vkontakte - the destruction of competitors

This article is not an instruction, as we are for fair competition and the natural development of sites. Nevertheless, everyone should be aware of the opportunity to substitute the honest owner of any group.

This method will work if the site is not very popular and there are really a lot of bots in it.

Attackers act like this:

First, they determine who their main competitor is. To do this, you simply enter the necessary query in the search, and select the communities whose positions are higher:

Destroying a Vkontakte competitor through bots

Next, any system is selected to cheat bots into groups. There are many of them on the Internet, look for the cheapest ones. For example, there is a service where various kinds of cheatings are available:

Destroying a Vkontakte competitor through bots

After the order for the cheat is completed, wait until it is fully completed. Note that it is desirable to wind not less than 10% of the number of participants.

Next, you will need several profiles to send complaints. Go to the "Help" section and enter any incomprehensible request so that the necessary link appears:

Destroying a Vkontakte competitor through bots

It is necessary to notify technical support so that they respond to the cheat. It is advisable to file complaints from several profiles at once and change the text:

Destroying a Vkontakte competitor through bots

Sometimes this method works and communities are blocked. The method is dishonest, and everyone who decides to use it should think about their site.

What if someone decides to get rid of you the same way? It can happen at any time, so it is important to keep track of new members. If their number quickly increases, and you see that these are bots, close the community in the settings:

Destroying a Vkontakte competitor through bots

Remember how many were and how many participants became to remove boiled bots before how your site was blocked. Open the "members" section and delete exactly as many people as suddenly joined the group (new members are shown above):

Destroying a Vkontakte competitor through bots

It would also be good to contact technical support to warn them that you did not cheat anything and hurry to remove all bots. Cheating helps get rid of small competitors, with well-promoted groups such a number is not a ride.

Unfortunately, many are ready to act dishonestly, if only to benefit from it. Cheats are easily tracked and for them can give life ban . Watch your groups and instantly react to possible competitor actions.

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