Dependence on gambling. How to recognize a gamer?

No matter how simple the game is, there will definitely be people who are addicted to it.

The illness of dependence on different games is called ludomania and with the development of computers, it is manifested in an increasing number of people. In this case, doctors still can not find a "cure" for ludomania.

Gambling addiction comes even faster, because besides the gameplay, the user is drawn into the game due to losses or gains of real money. It is possible that you or someone you know is already dependent on playing at an online casino, but it is not at all difficult to know.

Dependence on gambling. How to recognize a gamer?

How to recognize a gamer?

There are several patterns of behavior of a typical dishman who quickly identify people who are dependent on games:

  • when communicating with other people, the "patient" cannot discuss anything except his game. He constantly shares his achievements in the virtual world, describes in detail the various battles, describes the game and so on;
  • when the logman is immersed in the game, it is better not to touch it. Nothing around what is happening in real life does not interest him, the virtual world is more important to him. And if you disturb him, you can cause ardent hatred in your address;
  • each person has needs, for example, eating. Gamers try to allocate a minimum of time for all the necessary things, and sometimes refuse it. Therefore, if a person spends a lot of time playing a game, does not wash, does not eat, and experiences serious discomfort when performing mandatory tasks, he can be considered a уд dodoman; Not rarely do problems arise with work, because except for the game, they cannot think about anything;
  • the most obvious factor in the fact that a person has become a gamer is his constant deceptions and the sale of all that is valuable, just back in the game. He raises the stakes and, despite the fact that he has already squandered all his money, he is looking for someone to borrow, what to sell and other methods of extracting funds; winnings This is what drives the player who cannot break away from poker, roulette, blackjack and slot machines;
  • depriving the patient of access to the game, his mood often changes, nervous breakdowns, tantrums, depression and other psychical deviations.

Dependence on gambling. How to recognize a gamer?

If after reading these points, you are thinking about a particular person, then immediately send it to a psychotherapist. Only specialists from this area can help. But be careful, gambling can only be entertainment for a person, because everyone has their own interests.

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