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definition, causes, remedies - Profit Hunter

Cannibalizing search requests is an incorrect (from the optimizer's point of view) definition by the search robot of the most relevant page request among other pages optimized for the same request.

In other words, if there are several pages on the site that are tailored to the same query (group of queries), then the search engine may incorrectly identify the most relevant of them. As a result, the person conducting the search receives not exactly the information he was looking for. This worsens behavioral factors and adversely affects the position of the resource.

Cannibalization occurs due to the poor quality of internal site optimization. An incorrect resource structure and the lack of clustering of keywords leave an imprint on the correctness of its display in the output. We will discuss further the negative impact of cannibalization and ways to eliminate the problem.


  1. Problems and causes of cannibalization
  • Blur relevancy
  • Incorrect selection of landing page
  • Invalid weight distribution
  • External reference factor
  • Reduced value of content
  1. Elimination of cannibalization of search requests
  • Creation correct site architecture
  • Identification of problem pages
  • Using redirect
  • Changing the content on the auxiliary pages
  • Unique Title

Problems and reasons for cannibalization

The site should have only 1 page od 1 key request. Otherwise, the following unpleasant moments occur.

  • The relevance of the documents is blurred. If a resource contains many pages that are sharpened under one keyword, search engines do not consider this site to be the most relevant to this key among other competing sites.
  • Weight is lost during internal linking. Referring inside the site to different pages with the same query, you waste weight in vain. In addition, they compete with each other for a place in the issue, which is meaningless from the point of view of optimization.
  • The search engine incorrectly determines the page that would be worth displaying in the output, and non-target users come from the output.
  • External links are incorrectly distributed across the pages of the site, telling about the same. The natural reference profile is blurred between them, while its direction to 1 document instead of a few could much better strengthen its position in issuing.
  • The value of information on similar pages falls for visitors and search engines.

Elimination of cannibalization of search queries

Most often, this phenomenon occurs against the will of the webmaster, by chance. For example, the same term is used in different articles and in the meta tags Title and Description several times. As a result, the document does not contain the document that is needed. Cannibalization must be disposed of, and for this there are the following methods.

  • Thinking through the architecture of the site . Each page answers one question, reveals the essence of one term, category, product, etc. Clearly think over the hierarchy of sections, and when composing a semantic core, make it clustering. Bread crumbs help to avoid conflict between similar pages (for example, when an online store has similar products with identical Titles and descriptions).
  • Search for relevant and problem pages . Find all the documents, sharpened by the same request, and select the best of them (by PF or number of conversions).
  • Application 301 Redirect . Redirect all similar pages to this document using a redirect: this will contribute to an increase in the landing page rating. It should be noted, however, that such a manipulation will remove the pages with redirection from the issue.
  • Changing the content of non-target documents . If you want to preserve their content, instead of redirect, you need to redirect them to other requests (for example, synonymous with the current one). That is, it is worth changing the keywords in the texts and meta tags so that they do not overlap with the queries on the landing page.
  • Uniqueization of Title of pages . There should be no duplicate headers.

Thus, it is necessary to get rid of cannibalization by all available means and methods, since it severely slows down the development of a web resource and often negatively affects the presentation of the site in the SERP, whatever promotion methods are used.

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