Deficiencies in site optimization, site excluding SEO

Webmasters who promote their own platforms are far from SEO optimization professionals, so they systematically make serious mistakes. Errors in SEO optimization can not only bring results, but also have a negative impact on the promotion.

In addition to admitting errors, some site owners do not even think about using optimization. Of course, you can create a website without taking into account SEO, but you should not hope for a high attendance and good positions in the TOP of search engines .

Deficiencies in site optimization, site excluding SEO

The main errors in optimization

The deficiencies in site optimization can be the following:

  1. Everyone knows that in compiling content it is necessary to use keywords (words and phrases that are most often used by search engine users). Unfortunately, some webmasters use keywords too tightly, which causes not only not high-quality optimization, but also the installation of filters.
  2. At the expense of links you can also have a positive impact on the development of your site, but it is necessary to take into account the quality of the reference mass. If you randomly buy links, it will not have any effect on promotion, but will only arouse suspicion of your honesty among the search engines.
  3. The way to monetize - selling links is used quite often, but it is worth noting that this is one of the worst options. A high concentration of external links affects the promotion, and search engines have a negative attitude to such sites.
  4. On the Internet you can find many programs and services, thanks to which automatic promotion of sites is carried out. As a rule, automated systems promote platforms in the same way, which means that they cannot achieve great efficiency.
  5. In order for each of your materials to drive traffic through search engines , you need to work on optimization. You will also need to systematically re-optimize pages, because keywords may lose relevance over time.
  6. For each article, you must individually come up with an effective title. Due to the interesting names of the pages of your site, you can achieve a positive effect and the behavioral factors of your resource will definitely be improved.
  7. Everyone knows that when submitting an article on your website, it is best to accompany it with non-textual content. Built-in video clips and images may affect the ranking of the site, but the most important thing is not to overdo it. The fact is that the speed of loading pages is one of the most important criteria of the site, and with a lot of different information, your site will take too long to load.
  8. Even before you started developing content for your site, you should have already thought about the target audience that will visit your site. Based on who will be in the target audience of the site, you must properly compile materials.
  9. Many users, when composing texts, single out only the headings in their materials, hoping that search engines will pay attention to this. According to experienced SEO, you need to highlight each keyword written in the article.

Deficiencies in site optimization, site excluding SEO

As the owner of the site and wanting to succeed, start exploring SEO optimization . Knowledge of this particular area will help you make a quality website.

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