Deep search on the Internet. Deep web

Search engines perfectly cope with their task, through them you can really find almost any information.

Google alone has indexed over a trillion pages, but this may not be enough. Sometimes you need to collect data that is not found anywhere, so you have to use Deep Web .

How to conduct a deep search on the Internet? The phrase Deep Web translates as a deep web. There is no site for a full search, but there are several tricks to help you find anything.

Unfortunately, even unique information is not always publicly available, and search engines may not index something.

Deep search on the Internet. Deep web

I can't find in the search what to do?

To fill my blog with interesting information, I often have to use alternative data sources. Even if you use Yandex and Google, this may not be enough.

When you need to "dig deeper", the following ways come in handy:

  1. First, find the list of search engines and try searching for each of them. Algorithms are different everywhere, so the results are different. It is advisable to use foreign projects and use translators, so you can find a lot more.
  2. Search in databases - search engines may not index databases, and they often have a lot of useful information (everything and in one place). First try to just enter a query like "Database of porcelain products". If this does not help, use special search engines for databases and.
  3. Archives and libraries - may have information that is not yet on the Internet. Most of the books are scanned, but almost every library has a separate archive. People began to forget about the existence of real libraries, but in vain.
  4. Closed sites - can store valuable information, and you can access them through. This is the largest database, which added pages of sites for many years. Here you can find sites that have not worked for a long time, but the texts have not gone away, they are in the archive.
  5. Private network - this is a Tor network that you can join when using a browser with the same name. For example, some site owners restrict access to resources, making them closed to people falling under different categories, and here they are all removed (download the browser to).
  6. After installing the Tor browser, be sure to visit its encyclopedia. It opens only in one browser and contains a huge amount of information. Also search through Torch and TorSearch services.
Deep search on the Internet. Deep web

Alone, it is always difficult to search for something, so do not forget that you can ask for help from other users. Use any sites (for example, the best SEO forums) to ask people for some information.

It is not difficult to carry out a deep search on the Internet or use the Deep Web, but now you know some tricks to help you find information that is not found in ordinary search engines.

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