Decred Cryptocurrency - Mining Wallet, Exchange

It is important for investors and traders to focus on working not only with the most popular altcoins. New projects and other coins also have potential.

The choice is now large, so you need to monitor the crypto world on a large scale, evaluating each option separately.

Cryptocurrency (DCR) - we decided to present the overview and prospects of this coin, because its course has once again risen and large investors are already betting on it.

Plus, you can mine a coin by mining, the complexity is not so high yet, it will definitely rise in a short time.

Decred Cryptocurrency - Mining Wallet, Exchange

Description and Advantages of Decred

The developers claim that they worked on creating Bitcoin, but no famous there are no specialists listed.

The project, like Bitcoin, should become a new payment tool, but with its own advantages. When it was launched, all the drawbacks of the “big brother” were taken into account, this makes it stand out from the competition.

The network combines PoW and PoS algorithms. This scheme provides increased security from all sorts of attacks. You can’t call Decred a new development, but the project has several advantages: the network is decentralized, the network is decentralized, the Bitcoin is gradually losing this advantage; 32, 31, although Decred mining is not the most profitable, it is even profitable through computers;

  • the project is developed, and its changes are resolved by voting;
  • schnorr is used for transaction signatures, this ensures increased confidentiality.
  • Generally speaking, Decred is a modified version of Bitcoin. In many ways, they are similar, but here the developers tried to get rid of the shortcomings.

    In addition, the network is not yet so developed that it is also a big plus, both in terms of speed of work, and in respect of commissions for transfers.

    Course Decred

    In April 2016, coins appeared on stock exchanges and then their value was about $ 1. Until 2017, the situation did not change, but by December the quotes had crawled to the level of $ 100, and in early 2018, to a record of $ 120 .

    The correction did not last long; in May 2018, the exchange rate again reached $ 118 per coin, but has now dropped to $ 65:

    Decred Cryptocurrency - Mining Wallet, Exchange

    In any case, This is a great indicator. In less than a year and a half, the Decred rate rose from $ 1 to $ 65. According to the capitalization of the cryptocurrency is on the 31st place in the world. The emission is limited, a total of 8,066,867 DCR will be issued. We will talk about prospects below.

    Wallet for Decred

    The cryptocurrency quickly began to grow in popularity, largely due to an effective advertising campaign.

    But there was one problem - there was no convenient wallet for storing coins. There was only an option for those who at least understand something in programming. Now this problem is solved:

    Decred Cryptocurrency - Mining Wallet, Exchange

    The official site is offered to download the program. In addition, there is an official web version at. They even do not need to register, only an agreement with the rules is required.

    True to use the account, you will first have to make a backup. In the management of all simple functions - to receive, send. By the way, the official site supports the Russian language, you can get closer to the project and cryptocurrency.

    Mining Decred

    You can extract this cryptocurrency with any miner program. The setting is no different from mining other coins.

    You can get instructions on pools, we will present their list below. Now you can still use computers with one video card, the complexity is not so high.

    Unlike Bitcoin, here the reduction in rewards is not so noticeable. The developers made it so that every 6144 blocks it decreased by 1%. Many extract Decred along with Ethereum. However, professionals recommend using separate mining.

    The usual Claymore's program is useful for this. Instructions for setting up the file. bat provided by pools. In the same place you receive other data which is necessary for registering in the code.

    Decred Cryptocurrency - Mining Wallet, Exchange

    Pools for the extraction of Decred

    Alone to mine is meaningless, you need to connect to the pools. For Decred, there are not many of them, and there are even fewer workers. Of all that we managed to find on the network, only 2 options work - this and.

    Both services are multi-poles, through them miners are connected to systems when mining various coins. The reputation is good, all the data for launching the miner is provided.

    How can Decred be minted?

    Newbies who have never mined cryptocurrency are looking for detailed instructions. There are several options for mining the DCR. Suppose you use the Supernova pool and the miner sgminer.

    First you need to register on the pool and add a worker in the account settings tab:

    Decred Cryptocurrency - Mining Wallet, Exchange

    Also, do not forget to enter your payment details, when filling them, indicate how many coins you need to dial to make an automatic transfer to your account. Now you need to download sgminer (better with Github).

    There will be a file in the archive. bat, open it through notepad and enter your data from the worker:

    sgminer -k decred -o http: // dcr. suprnova. cc: 3256 -u Login. Name of the worker -p Worker's password -I 21 -w 64 -g 2

    First comes the indication of the currency, then the address of the pool, then the login and the point of the worker's name, then the password from the worker . Everything is ready, run the file and watch DCR mining take place.

    At first, the coins will be credited to the account in the Supernova personal account, and upon reaching the minimum amount (set by yourself) they will be sent to your main wallet.

    Where to buy and sell Decred?

    Cryptocurrency has long become popular, so it has already been added to the listing of many well-known exchanges. Every day, mass orders are conducted through orders, mainly with a pair of BTC, USDT and ETH. You can conduct transactions through the following areas:

    • ;
    • ;
    • ;
    • ;
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    • ;
    • ;
    • .

    In the last 24 hours, more than $ 2 million worth of transactions were conducted with DCR. The liquidity of the coins is high, there are always enough orders, and if the project also develops rapidly, we will soon see a coin on other well-known exchanges.

    Prospects Decred - Forecast

    This project definitely has a future, but it is difficult to say how successful it will be. Aggressive marketing company has provided a powerful start after the launch of the project.

    Now developers continue to work, try to improve the system, introduce something new and improve the code.

    Perhaps their efforts will not be in vain, however, the network can not yet compete with Bitcoin and its well-known counterparts.

    But while mining is of interest, because it is available with a regular computer (video card or AMD processor). Profitability is not the highest, but it is possible to get income.

    Looking for promising coins? Read our reviews on Game and 0x (ZRX).

    An improved version of Bitcoin definitely needs a crypto community, because the first cryptocurrency is already working with various problems. Many experts said that the BTC will be replaced by a new leader.

    Whether Decred will become to them is not yet clear, but the network is of high quality and work is underway on it, unlike many other blockchain projects.

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