Days 9-12 - Backlinks, RSS, and third-party platforms - Profit Hunter

Days 9-12 - Backlinks, RSS, and third-party platforms - Profit Hunter

Today we will talk about backlinks, RSS feeds of your new blog and additional platforms for posting content.

First about links. It's no secret that your blog needs backlinks, and the more the better. And even better if these links are with the right anchor. Of course, the latter get for free is problematic, but nothing is impossible. Moreover, the links you put down not only to promote the search, but also to attract the target audience.

Ed suggests first looking at the following sources of links:

  • Google Groups (use search by group).
  • Niche forums (links in signatures and posts, in posts infrequently and strictly on the topic, otherwise banned).
  • Comments on Web 2. 0 resources . Links placement pages are very easy to find. To do this, you just need to fill in the search phrase and add an entry like site: squidoo to it. com . The higher the page from the webdvanol site is in the output, the more desirable is the link from it. Some resources allow you to use an anchor for a link (for example, the same Squidoo), use this (but do not overdo it).

After you run the first post on the social networks and put a few external links to the blog, Google should index and already somehow rank it in the issue. You can check whether the site has been indexed using the site: your site request. com .


Ed and the company provided the participants of Marathon 2008 with a free service for submitting a blog's RSS feed to the corresponding services. To use it, you need to register on the site, find the link TDC RSS Submitter on the Bulletin Board ( Dashboard ) and fill in the form following the example below:

Days 9-12 - Backlinks, RSS, and third-party platforms - Profit Hunter

Tags are separated by commas, the description of the blog is better to start with a key phrase, as in this example.


Meanwhile, Market Samurai was updated, and its ability to search for content has increased significantly. Now the program can search for articles not only by article directories and blogs, but also by Wikipedia , Scribd , Yahoo News , Google News , Yahoo Answers , as well as videos and photos from YouTube and Flickr . If you still have not downloaded this program, register on the website ThirtyDayChallenge. com and do it. (For more information on what else she can, you can read here, here and here).


And finally, you need to create one lens on Squidoo and one page on Hubpages. The services in the eyes of Google are reputable, so links from them will not interfere.

Wishes for these services are:

  • The key word in the URL is mandatory. If the word is busy, add either a word or a number to it, or separate the parts of the phrase with hyphens.
  • Keyword in title, description, text. You can also use the keyword as a nickname.
  • No copy-paste. Exceptionally high quality rewriting.
  • In the text, no more than 1-3 links. If your text will not be printed on Hubpages, reduce the number of links to one and bring the text to mind so that it is not too promotional. Hubpages can easily find fault with this.
  • Screw to the pages of the RSS feed of your blog. You can also add videos from YouTube.
  • Well, do not forget to get rid of the social programs 😉

On blogs, forums and Web 2. 0 resources read the materials of the Marathon 2007 and / or watch my video from the Spring Marathon.

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