Days 6-8 - Domain purchase, blog installation, first post and a bit of socialization - Profit Hunter

Days 6-8 - Domain purchase, blog installation, first post and a bit of socialization - Profit Hunter In general, the materials of these days are known to you from the previous Marathons, but so that you do not lose the thread of what is happening, I decided to make a small review of these days with links to old relevant posts.

The choice of domain is a very important stage of the Marathon. In this plan the niche vintage electric guitar is very indicative.

Days 6-8 - Domain purchase, blog installation, first post and a bit of socialization - Profit Hunter

Pay attention to the site, which is on the 7th place in the issue - VintageElectricGuitar. org . If you go to this site, you will see the default WordPress theme and post Hello, World! That is, this is a completely empty blog that crawled into the top with zero backlinks only due to the presence of the key phrase in the title description and domain name . You need to get similar, but for your niche.

As for choosing and buying a domain, I advise you to re-read the post about searching for free domains and review the video about buying domains from the Spring Marathon.

Well, and do not forget that it is desirable to buy domains in zones. com and. org (as a last resort,. net) and it is better not to put hyphens between words.

As for hosting, installing WordPress and other technical aspects of creating a standalone blog, watch my video from the Spring Marathon, because the solutions Ed offers, IMHO, are more suitable for beginners, and also stand in perspective of money. More specifically, Ed recommends using the services of the WordPressDirect service. You will find a link to this service and a free trial to it on the page with materials of the 6-day Marathon (you must first register on the website ThirtyDayChallenge. Com).

This service is good because it provides access to more than 1500 themes to WordPress (b o most of them can be found free of charge) and speeds up the blog creation process as much as possible. All you have to do is indicate the main keywords for your creation and the service will start filling it with content: video, questions and answers from Yahoo! Answers, etc. The same service provides free hosting for blogs from third-level domains (there are several names of main domains, so you will have something to choose from).

Separately, I want to note the importance of categories . If during the search for a keyword you found several key phrases that meet the Marathon's criteria, use the most advantageous one for the domain name in terms of “popularity / competition.” Use the rest as category names. That is, if you also found the main phrase With 5-6 matching phrases, make them categories on the blog. (Of course, you can add other categories if you wish, but this is not necessary.)

I will not tell you how to publish posts. As for That sales pitch in 30-50 words, about which Just days ago, Dan was telling him that he would need to be inserted into the sidebar along with the picture, just as we inserted the subscription form with Aweber during the Spring Marathon. link redirect and start tracking clicks on this link through a free service, which was discussed in Marathon 2007.

Well and propiarit first post using SocialPoster or SocialMarker do not forget 😉

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Hosting blogs with WordPress preinstalled.

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