Days 27-31 - Further optimization of the blog and completion of the Marathon - Profit Hunter

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Days 27-31 - Further optimization of the blog and completion of the Marathon - Profit Hunter What to do with a niche that is unlikely to bring you income, we have already figured out. Now let's talk about progress in those niches that have paid off and started to pay dividends.

The first thing you need to do is expand the base of keywords . In general, the keyword hierarchy should repeat the blog structure and look like this:

Days 27-31 - Further optimization of the blog and completion of the Marathon - Profit Hunter
The blog for the blog we already have, we also decided on the categories, now we need to put together keywords for future posts. To search for these words, Rob Somerville again recommends using Market Samurai .

The search algorithm is the same here as we used when searching for the main keyword for the blog: you generate keywords based on the base using the Google Keyword Tool, remove irrelevant phrases, analyze the remaining words for popularity and competition in issue and leave those that have competition below 30,000 and daily traffic above zero (or any other value depending on the number of phrases in the final list).

When you highlight additional phrases, break them into categories (and check for phrases that may become categories in the future).

Days 27-31 - Further optimization of the blog and completion of the Marathon - Profit Hunter

As you can see, the main part of the phrases was included in the category vintage electric guitar . In principle, where and how many words will fall is not important. But if you want to diversify the information in the blog, just do the same thing that we just did for the phrase vintage electric guitar, for the phrases vintage bass guitar , vintage gibson guitar , and so on. d.

Another search option for such phrases is the study of the statistics of transitions from search to blog . Since your blog will be found not only by the main request, but also by related ones, regularly review the list of phrases that visitors find you in, and either optimize the pages that are already in issue, or create new ones specially tailored to the request of interest.


To increase blog traffic, you naturally have to promote it in search engines (both the main page and individual posts), therefore, you can’t do without backlinks .

The first thing you need to do is to bookmark all blog posts and in the future put them on each new post (it is also advisable to bookmark pages that link to your blog). To do this, use the Social Poster, Social Marker or OnlyWire.

The next stage is comments on blogs and Web 2. 0 sites and posts (signatures) in the forums. I told about this during the Spring Marathon, and, in fact, the process of increasing the reference weight through other blogs and forums has not changed since that time.

As for the search for these blogs, Web 2. 0 sites and forums, this task is also solved with the help of Market Samurai. Those of you who use this program probably noticed that after the next update a few days ago, the Promotion section opened in the main menu.

Days 27-31 - Further optimization of the blog and completion of the Marathon - Profit Hunter

From inside, this feature looks like this:

Days 27-31 - Further optimization of the blog and completion of the Marathon - Profit Hunter

You tell the program where to look for records, posts and branches, and the program gives you links. Links are given in portions of 10 pieces. If it is not enough, click on the More button and get another 10, etc. You can also analyze page indicators. The button Analyze All is responsible for this.

Separately, it is necessary to mark the column PB . This column talks about the possibility of putting a pingback on someone’s blog in someone else’s post. To put down a pingback, you need to select a couple of such posts and decide how the list of links to these posts will be displayed.

Days 27-31 - Further optimization of the blog and completion of the Marathon - Profit Hunter

Now copy the code into your post and publish it. In other people's posts immediately (or after moderation) links to your post will appear (possibly with nofollow).

Also pay attention to Yahoo! Answers. You can search for questions both manually and with the help of a Samurai. A link to your blog or a separate post can be inserted both in the response text and in the Source field. On the Yahoo! site itself. Answers all links are closed nofollow, but these answers stretch all who feel like it on blogs / conversations, therefore, most likely, you will receive from this service not only traffic.

By promoting everything.

Mistakes that most often make moneymakers

As you remember, the success of any online business depends on four aspects: market research, traffic, conversion and product (including partner). If these aspects are presented as stages of the project development, then for each of the stages, typical mistakes can be identified that are made by very many Internet entrepreneurs. Here they are:

  • Market research: 95% of all online business failures are rooted in poorly conducted market research.Fortunately, you have Google Keyword Tool and Market Samurai, which make the search for promising niches as easy as possible, so you just have to choose one of them. Adhere to the criteria that Ed gave: no more than 30,000 competitors in exact match and no less than 80 links to the first site in the issue. As for niches, take any that matches the specified numbers and for which there is competition in Google AdWords and partner products. Work with this niche for at least a month and then draw your own conclusions: hang it on the AdSense blog and then sell it or still promote it and develop it further.
  • Traffic: The first and main error in terms of traffic is the reluctance to part with a niche that does not give the number of visitors you expected (either Google gives inaccurate data, or your appearance in the niche was in the offseason (for seasonal phrases)). This is the same Stockholm syndrome, only online. You should not get hung up on one niche and become attached to it. On the other hand, you should not expect that the traffic will flow like water the very next day after the appearance of the blog. This should take some time.
  • Conversion: Do not rush to abandon the niche, if the blog did not bring you sales in the first few days of its existence. Some decisions can only be taken after 200 (and preferably 1000) people will go to your product page through your affiliate link. If you don’t have any sales with 200 referrals (or 5 sales with 1000 referrals), start looking for other niches, and let this blog hang on the background.
  • Product: Here the most important mistake is the creation of goods under an untested niche. In general, you can start thinking about creating your own product only if sales of affiliate products at least cover your costs of promoting and advertising your blog (better, of course, if they bring additional profit).

Here, in fact, the entire Marathon 2008.

I wish you success in the field of moneymaking in the bourgeois sector of the Internet, and for the sake of this I reject кл

p. with. Now I will write to the blog much less often, once or twice a week. On the one hand, there is more than enough information for newbies who really want to make money on the blog, on the other hand, it’s high time for me to start following the advice I give you here. But do not rush to unsubscribe from the RSS feed, there are a lot of interesting things ahead of us 😉

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