Days 20-26 - Google Adwords and Blog Monetization - Profit Hunter

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Days 20-26 - Google Adwords and Blog Monetization - Profit Hunter

Since this year’s niche search process took much less time (due to the use of the Market Samurai program), Ed and the company decided to touch upon the topic of Google AdWords and talk about how to use advertisements to promote your blog. ( Note: Start paid advertising only if you have the money “to invest” (i.e., you can afford to lose this money), because here everything is depends on how you set up your campaign and therefore no one can give you guarantees that paid traffic will at least somehow be converted into sales.)

I told you about how to register with AdWords during the Spring Marathon Since spring, the registration process has not changed in any way 🙂

A few helpful tips:

  • It’s recommended to set your daily budget in p $ 100 and higher. This will show Google that you have serious intentions. Given the narrowness of the niche, you will have to try very hard to spend it, so worrying about the fact that you will merge a lot of money in a couple of days is not worth it.
  • To determine the maximum bid, use the AdWords Traffic Estimator. Ideally, you should get into the top three ads.
  • The CTR of the ads should be at least 1-1.5%. To achieve higher rates, perform all sorts of tests . More about them here.
  • Before sending a free-floating campaign, pause it and check the settings. For example, for the first time you can turn off the content network.

Search keywords for advertising campaigns

To do this, we will need again the program Market Samurai , you can download the trial version by registering on the ThirtyDayChallenge website. com. (How to download the program, read here.)

This search is done very simple. If you remember, during the search for a niche, we generated keys to the keywords, then chose from them the relevant main keywords and analyzed them for traffic and competition. Here you need to do the same. The only thing you need to change is the settings.

So, first of all, when generating keywords, remove the checkbox from Seo Traffic (SEOT) and put it on AdWords Traffic (AWT).

Days 20-26 - Google Adwords and Blog Monetization - Profit Hunter

Then carefully filter the results so that only those phrases that are really relevant to your main key phrase remain in the list. Once traffic is paid, it must be target .

After cleaning the list, you need to analyze the remaining phrases for their popularity in AdWords. To do this, remove the checkbox from the Organic section and place it on the AdWords section.

Days 20-26 - Google Adwords and Blog Monetization - Profit Hunter

Well, then dance from the results you get. This list will be a skeleton for which you will be able to build muscle in the future from new keywords and phrases (do not forget about testing).

Fine-tuning campaigns

When you already have some statistics on your hands, you can tweak campaign settings to squeeze out even more o better results.

You need to pay special attention to the following points:

Days 20-26 - Google Adwords and Blog Monetization - Profit Hunter

The picture is taken from the video and its quality is not so hot, so I will comment on what I marked with arrows.

  1. CTR ads for phrasal match was 7.66%. Compared to other match options, this is a clear leader. In addition, the average position of this ad is 1. 6, and the average CPC $ 0. 14. The quality score is also high. You need to take a closer look at this ad and you probably should take measures to keep it in the top three ads in paid extradition and at the same time reduce costs. For a start, it is worth bringing down the maximum bid to $ 0. 15.
  2. The average bid for the search network is $ 0. 15, and the total cost of advertising - $ 4.24. As you can see, fear for a budget of $ 100 per day is not worth it. And the average bid in reality turned out to be significantly lower than what was declared.
  3. The total CTR for the search network was 3.26%. Compare it to the 0.04% CTR for the content network and you will understand why many Internet entrepreneurs do not recommend advertising in the content network.

The picture is hard to see, but this whole ad group is sharpened for one phrase - vintage electric guitar , with the only difference between the phrases that they are all sharpened for a different match: common, phrasal and exact. These are the small ad groups you need to make for each of the keywords ( one keyword - one ad group ), which you select using Market Samurai .


And Ed also laid out a guide for creating and writing a sales mini page (sales page), i.e., copywriting (naturally text in English). This guide first saw the light in 2006.It was part of a very famous at that time course on e-commerce Underachiever Method .

Since the manual is mostly about copywriting, not PPC or SEO, I can say with confidence that it has not lost its relevance and is unlikely to lose it in the next few years.

Downloading a book here (if you have not registered on the site yet, register.)


Now let's talk a bit about the monetization of the blog.

Ideally, affiliate product sales should be a source of profit for your blog. But the ideal is not the norm, so the likelihood that you will fail is high. Of course, this is not fatal, but still ...

So, how to determine that it is time to look for happiness in other niches? Very simple. If 200 people have moved to the partner site on your link and none of them have bought anything, then the niche most likely needs to be changed. Of course, it is not necessary to immediately close the blog, delete posts, etc. Just start to create another blog in a different niche, and let this one work on the background (you can even upload content from there and occasionally feed it with comments from comments to blogs or its resources on the Web 2. 0 - sites). View statistics from time to time. If the result does not change, then you do not need this blog.

Hang up on AdSense blog (or its alternatives), or CPA affiliate banners, or links to related niche products, wait a couple months, see how much profit it brings and how many visitors it has, and put it on sale .

A list of sites where you can sell a blog can be found here.

Tuesday will be the last post for the Marathon.

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