Days 13-19 - Blog promotion and statistics learning - Profit Hunter

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Days 13-19 - Blog promotion and statistics learning - Profit Hunter

Marathon 2008 is taking its course, and I will try to keep up with it. New information is not enough, but still.

After your blog has been set up and filled with content, and traffic is coming to it, you will need to regularly monitor statistics on search phrases with which visitors will find you. Only in this way you can find out exactly how and by what requests you need to promote a blog.

As for the additional promotion of the blog, except for Squidoo and Hubpages Ed recommends using the Weebly service . When registering on the site as a nickname, use your keyword. Enter the same word in the Title Your New Site field and select it as the domain. Weebly admin panel is convenient and intuitive. I think you will understand without any problems.

Weebly allows you to add an RSS feed to the site from any source. Be sure to use this feature and fasten the tape from your blog.

The next stage in promoting a niche blog is placing articles in article directories . The most popular and authoritative article resource today is the catalog of EzineArticles . You can read more about how to register and post articles on this resource in the materials of the previous Marathon. Article marketing is also devoted to one of the lessons of my Spring Marathon. Keep in mind that publishing an article in EzineArticles can take 7-10 days due to the fact that all articles are manually moderated.

Yes, if someone else doubts the effectiveness of the scheme that Ed and the company propose to use, I want to note, VintageElectricGuitarBlog. com now occupies the 7th position on the exact and 9th position on the general request for the phrase vintage electric guitar (American edition).

Here, in my own way, and all these days. Virtually nothing new, just repetition and systematization of what you probably already know. (If you don’t know, study the Autumn and Spring Marathons, these moments are described in sufficient detail.)

In the following lessons, Ed will talk about Google AdWords.


For those who need a list of sites that sell PLR products (the link I gave during the Spring Marathon to the Warriors Forum forum does not work for newly registered users ), here's a text file.


The Simple Programmer's Turtle needs a new home. Any kind of support is welcome.

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