Day 9 - Repetition - the mother of the exercise - Profit Hunter

Like all previous ones, this message is an abbreviated version of Ed Dale's audio and video podcasts, which you can find here.

The purpose of this day is

Today I (Ed) will tell you why we did what we did and introduce you to some numbers. Today I want to show you the big picture. So ...

First, a small digression

Yesterday we said that you need to find such niches that will bring you 80-100 daily visitors with google. So that you do not mess up and, God forbid, do not reject the sensible phrase by mistake, I will clarify some slippery moments.

First, the phrase “male yeast infection” should always go first.

Day 9 - Repetition - the mother of the exercise - Profit Hunter

Also note that the base phrase must be typed without quotes, and the niche phrase is in quotes.

The niches with which we will work are in the first and lower leagues. And this is fine, because here you will not have strong competitors and you will be able to hone your skills so that develop larger markets in the future.

The data on your key phrases will most likely not be displayed on the chart - their traffic is too small for that, but as you already know, you need look not at traffic, but in the “Languages” section. Ideally, the red bar should be at least 1/5 or 1/6 of the blue bar.

If you see a picture like this

Day 9 - Repetition - the mother of the exercise - Profit Hunter

you can breathe a sigh of relief - the niche has passed.

If the traffic on the phrase is relatively low - within 30-80 hops per day - do not rush to throw it away. For now, just set it aside. In the future, it may be useful to you.

I must note that the data you enter in Google Trends affects the schedule. You can see how the Autumn Marathon influenced the statistics on the phrase “male yeast infection” in mid-August, when the phrase showed the peak of popularity.

Garbart’s Toolbar

This utility was created by Garrett Valvidia, a participant in the Summer Marathon. This toolbar will allow you to view search results in Google Search and Google Trends at the same time. Moreover, it displays results in the USA, so you can remove the toolbar from the TDC browser right now.

To install the plugin, follow this link. In the opened window you will see And.

Day 9 - Repetition - the mother of the exercise - Profit Hunter

Now click on the arrow in the search window,

Day 9 - Repetition - the mother of the exercise - Profit Hunter

select "Add ..."

Day 9 - Repetition - the mother of the exercise - Profit Hunter

and the toolbar is in place!

Day 9 - Repetition - the mother of the exercise - Profit Hunter

You can immediately try it out in action. Great thing!

On the left you will see the results for your phrase (exact match), and on the right are the results of Google Trends. As they say, all in one bottle.

The value of numbers

Internet marketing has its own magic number. This number is 200.

At least one person out of 200, after visiting the advertising page, must buy the product that you offer him. If the figures are higher, fine, if lower, then something needs to be solved (perhaps the market is not set up to buy anything at all).

200 is a base from which we will make a start. If 50-60 people come to your mini-site (or mini-partner site) per day, it means that you will have your first sale in 4 days. And this will be enough to win the Marathon. (If the first 200 or even 500 visitors do not buy anything from you, be patient: 200 is the average, these are 5 customers out of 1000, 10 out of 2000, etc.)

Now your primary task is to send these 200 visitors to the partner’s mini-site. That is why we have carefully researched the market. You need traffic. By the end of the Marathon, you must provide 200 transitions (and, accordingly, make one sale) every day.

Try to cover two markets

As you have already driven all your niches through Google Trends, you should at least approximately know the potential of each of them. Also consider competition and affiliate programs.

Having taken all this attention, select two out of seven niches that you will work on in the future.

That's all for today.

If anything is unclear, write in the comments or on the e-mail.

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