Day 9. Rank Tracker - monitor site positions - Profit Hunter

How is your site today? Consider some points that affect the "performance" of the site.

The key to measuring success

Day 9. Rank Tracker - monitor site positions - Profit Hunter

Everything that we did before for our site is good. Research keywords, writing content, compiling links, etc. - everything was done in order to build one strong chain of interconnection:

Rating -. for Traffic -. for Visitors -. for Sales -. $$$

The scheme is simple The higher the ranking of the site, the higher it is in search results. The more traffic (visitors) we get to the site and the greater the percentage of sales we make aem.

About rating

Rating is very important for the site.You need to get the best rating possible, as this is the most important lever for achieving the goal.Here you can create the biggest result with the least changes and get the greatest effect with the least investment of money, and even small changes in ranking can mean big changes in traffic.

Day 9. Rank Tracker - monitor site positions - Profit Hunter

The table shows 10 top positions on Google and the percentage of clicks for each position. Let's analyze? From position 6 to position 5 (difference by one position) - 20% increase in traffic. The difference between the 5th and 4th positions is 24%, from 4 to 3 - 39%, from 3 to 2 - 40%, and from position 2 in the rating to 1 - an increase in traffic by 254%. Rising one step in the search engine ranking, we have a non-insignificant percentage increase in traffic. From the side, yes. And in fact, we have a huge change in the number of visitors to our site. Therefore, the rating is of great importance.

Traditional site position checking

Go to the Google search page. Our goal is to find out what place in the issue is occupied by our site for such a keyword. In the query string we drive in a keyword or phrase, press Enter. Google thought and gave us a list of everything, where he found the specified combination of words in the query. Now the most interesting. We see that there is no our site in the TOP10. Click on page 2 issue. And in the TOP20 it is not there. Click on the 3rd page. And here it is empty. We click, click, click and click ... We continue to click. Cheers, prada? ... Oooh, they found our saytik already at the 1000th position in the issue. We have covered the pages with 100 pages. Actively spent time. Well, nothing, we have not lost optimism, because we need to check 30 more of our sites in the same way.

Is the method good? The answer is clear. We are not and it is not for us.

Rank Tracker of the Market Samurai

Day 9. Rank Tracker - monitor site positions - Profit Hunter

How to check the site rating? Search Google and browse all sites? ... click hundreds of times to find something? This is a routine. This is how the Rank Tracker in Market Samurai will help us:

  • will help you track
  • to determine the rating of each keyword
  • and suggest your target keywords
  • will let you know when the site is indexed

New pages

How about new pages that do not yet have a rating? How to track them in search engine positions?

Day 9. Rank Tracker - monitor site positions - Profit Hunter

Search and tracking is performed by three main search engines - Google , Yahoo and Bing from Microsoft. Clicking on the arrows, you can see the rating results in detail.

Creating a new page, add the address " Add URLs ” to Market Samurai . After, the program will inform you when the search engine has found the page and will track how the page will rise in the ranking You can also add a domain name to the program, and it will keep track of new pages appearing in your site. In addition, Rank Tracker will not only check whether your site is indexed, whether it appears in the search engine, and monitors changes in the rating.

Day 9. Rank Tracker - monitor site positions - Profit Hunter

The red color highlights the fallen rating, and the green is the grown one. Market Samurai also keep rating history, you can view the rating for the time period.

Another excellent option is the analysis and viewing of statistical data in graphical form:

Day 9. Rank Tracker - monitor site positions - Profit Hunter

Trackback of backlinks

The rating is influenced not only by the relevance of our keywords, but also by external links to our site. We can also track and see them:

Day 9. Rank Tracker - monitor site positions - Profit Hunter

Today you should focus on:

  • adding a domain to the Rank Tracker module
  • adding topics and categories of keywords
  • adding the URL of the home page and the first article
  • follow for rate by God, daily updating of rating

So, we reviewed the main features of Rank Tracker in Market Samurai, learn how to check the daily ranking, monitor changes, which increase the rating. We hope that you will apply them in the future, not only in our 30-day Marathon.

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